15 Best SBS On Demand Movies [October 2022]

The best stuff from Australia's most erudite broadcaster (yellow subtitles may or may not be included).

We are now inundated with video streaming services, as the world continues its technological shift with regard to ways to put content in front of our faces. We’ve moved from video cassette tape to DVD, to Blu-ray and now to streaming. It’s convenient, offers up huge catalogues of content and best of all, allows us to spend all day in bed if we wish.

But while many places and publications will recommend the best TV shows and movies to watch on the likes of Netflix, Stan and relative newcomer, Binge, SBS On Demand movies have some infectious content of their own for your viewing pleasure. The publically-funded Australian TV network offers a number of TV shows and movies to watch completely free of charge, and the selection on offer is on constant rotation, so there’s always something new to find.

Content is specially curated too, so some decent thought has gone into what you’re presented with, so we suspect you’ll easily be able to find a new favourite (just make sure you sign up for a free account first).

There is over 7,000 hours worth of content to choose from, but we’ve picked out some of the best movies that caught our eye, to take a little bit of stress away from this global situation.

Here are our picks for the best SBS On Demand movies.