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8 Best Snowboard Bindings To Stick & Rip Into 2023

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When upgrading your snow apparel and equipment, snowboard bindings may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Often it’s overlooked as boots, clothing, and a stellar snowboard takes priority. However, a great pair of snowboard bindings are essential when it comes to choosing the right gear. It can make or break your time on the slopes.

Snowboard bindings are the connection between you and your board. They act as a steering wheel for you to control your board with ease, keep your feet comfortable, and absorb vibrations while you cruise down the mountains. Snowboard bindings are just as important as the rest of your winter get up, as they transfer energy from your legs and feet straight to the board and have the power to enhance your riding experience.

Features of good snowboard bindings

But what are some key components to look out for when choosing snowboard bindings? It will depend on your riding style as bindings usually come in three types, all-mountain, freeride, and freestyle. Also, you’ll want to make sure your bindings offer the proper built-in technologies offering stability, including ankle straps, supportive highbacks, tool-free adjustment, and forward lean adjuster.

It’s important to examine the right flex that will complement your riding style too. Are you after a soft flex? A stiff flex or a medium flex? Ultimately, you want snowboard bindings that result in better board control while feeling super comfortable and supportive.

Snowboard bindings FAQs

Why do I need snowboard bindings?

Snowboard bindings serve as the critical connection point between you and your board. Determining the right pair of bindings for you is reliant on your type of riding style. Snowboard bindings deliver power from your body, legs, and feet to the board allowing you to control the board with ease while keeping your feet comfortable as you ride.

What are the types of snowboard bindings?

The most common types of snowboard bindings are all-mountain, freestyle, and freeride. These three types of bindings go hand in hand with your type of riding style. For example, all-mountain riders may want to consider a binding with a medium flex as they offer versatility. More experienced riders usually opt for soft and stiff bindings, as the soft binding is suitable for freestyle riders, while a stiff binding is perfect for response and harsh terrain.

Can you mix and match snowboard bindings?

Although there's a variety of binding options, most pairs are compatible with different snowboards as most brands now offer universal discs or multiple discs designed to cover all sorts of mounting holes.

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Reviewing all these key technologies to find the perfect snowboard bindings can seem like a lot, but we’ve got you covered. Listed below, we’ve assembled some brands offering the best snowboard bindings, bound to give you precision, making you and your board feel like one.