WTF Is Brad Pitt Doing With His Tuxedo?

A sneaky look.

WTF Is Brad Pitt Doing With His Tuxedo?

We’re big fans of Brad Pitt’s relaxed new aesthetic… But there’s such a thing as being too relaxed, as his latest outfit demonstrates.

The 58-year-old Hollywood superstar has currently been on a tear across the world promoting his latest film, the raucous ensemble cast action-comedy Bullet Train, during which he’s consistently shown up his co-stars thanks to his unique take on fashion.

Maybe it’s because of the hectic pace of this promo tour but Pitt’s been rocking some super comfy yet rather slick outfits which are helping shift the norm for what’s acceptable red carpet attire. Basically, it’s meant a lot of leisure suits and an inordinate amount of sneakers with suits.

But his latest lazy fit might be a step too far. On the red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival for Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe biopic he’s a co-producer for, Pitt stepped out in a loose-fitting tuxedo, aviator sunglasses and a pair of black Adidas Gazelle sneakers (he’s been absolutely obsessed with Gazelles lately).

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He’s actually committed three different style sins here. First, he’s done both buttons up on his jacket. Always remember the adage, gents: first sometimes, middle always, bottom never. In this case, he should have only done up the top button.

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Second, he’s worn an ill-fitting suit – to the bloody Venice Film Festival! For a man with a net worth of around US$300 million, we’re sure he could afford a better tailor. Designer brands would also kill to have Brad wear one of their tuxes, too.

Most importantly, wearing athletic sneakers with a tux is a real no-no… Although, to be honest, we’re kind of happy to let this one slide. In fact, they arguably bring the outfit together: with the shades and baggy trousers, he looks a bit like a skater who’s been forced to dress formally in a hurry, which we kind of vibe with.

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