Chris Hemsworth Smashes Bags In Preparation For Extraction 2

"Nothing gets you over a long trip like a punchy workout."

Image Credit: @chrishemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is currently in LA for the filming of Thor 4 and Extraction II. Last week he showed off an eye-popping cheat meal of two family size pizzas, 12 chicken wings and a pint of beer. Now he’s busting his gut again, this time by battering the hell out of a boxing bag.

The Australian film star also claimed that it was helping him get over his jetlag.

He wrote on Instagram: “Punching my way through jet lag thanks to @centrfit with some High Intensity Training. Nothing gets you over a long trip like a punchy workout.”

Cristian Prieto, a filmmaker, who appears to have taken the photos, wrote: “boom how was that timing.” He also posted the photos to his own Instagram account, writing: “That’s all it really takes, pressure and time.”

Sportsperson Jorge Blanco, who was tagged in Hemsworth’s post, wrote: “No pillows.”

Michael Olajide Jr. was the third person tagged in Hemsworth’s post. Michael, according to his website is, “fitness’s single most influential trainer having ushered in the age of the boxer.” It appears Hemsworth is training in good company, then.

Many of Hemsworth’s followers loved the glimpse of Hemsworth beating jetlag via training. Insatgram user @rowdy_ravi_21 wrote: “Thorr” with a love heart emoji.

Another wrote: “the mighty thor.”

Further comments included: “ARE YOU KIDDING” and “Sumptuously.”

Sumptuous indeed. Would you just look at those arms.

Want to get ripped like Hemsworth? Check out his bodyweight Extraction II workout below. 

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