Chris Hemsworth Gets His Snake Out For The ‘Gram

Is that Loki?

Chris Hemsworth Gets His Snake Out For The ‘Gram

Chris Hemsworth has taken to Instagram to show off a rather weighty python, captioning the video: “found the next lightweight UFC champ,” and pretending to struggle with the slippery creature.

Chris Hemsworth today found himself locked in a mortal coil, posting a video to Instagram of a python wrapped around his neck. Hemsworth joked with his 56 million Instagram followers that the snake was choking him out, likening it to a mixed martial arts fighter. It remains unknown to whom the snake belongs.

Citizens of the ‘gram had a field day, chiming in with such quips as: “nice scarf” and “Loki get off.” Others expressed their jealousy, with one writing: “I mean… HOW a snake can be luckier than me? HOW?” How indeed.

WATCH: Chris Hemsworth Gets ‘Lovingly Embraced’ By A Snake

The iconic Australian actor has been busy lately. Not only has he been showing us how to do full body pump-up workouts, but he has also been in Fiji working with the non-profit organisation Waitt Institute to learn “what the Waitt Institute is doing to help the Fijian government fully protect 30% of their ocean through marine spatial planning.”

Naturally, he got a few sneaky barrels in while he was at it, enjoying his time in the Pacific on a surfboard and inspiring fellow surfer Owen Wright to give him credit for the “wave of the trip” (and other Instagram users to make remarks like “Isn’t there’s something [sic] you can’t do?”).

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This all comes after Hemsworth’s son achieved a surfing milestone many adults never reach – getting barrelled in a wave pool. Must run in the family, we guess. In other Chris Hemsworth related news, the trailer for a bold new Chris Hemsworth experiment (Limitless) just dropped, which will take viewers on Hemsworth’s rollercoaster personal journey as he looks into how to counteract ageing and investigate the full potential of the human body.

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