Chris Hemsworth Stood Me Up At The ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Premiere

The God of Thunder couldn't brave the rain...

Chris Hemsworth Stood Me Up At The ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Premiere

Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi at the Sydney premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder. Image Credit: Getty Images

Allow me to tell you the tale of how I got stood up by beloved Australian actor Chris Hemsworth

Last night was the Sydney premiere of the highly anticipated twenty-ninth Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Thor: Love and Thunder. And I was lucky enough to attend.

Although I have to admit, despite having a marvellous time, I feel a tad bit slighted because Aussie actor and star of Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth stood me up… Allow me to elaborate.

The journalist game can be lavish and exciting; attending red carpets, interviewing celebrities (like Jack Quaid from The Boys) and getting to drink champagne while watching a new movie before it’s been released is, frankly, awesome. But it is gruelling preparing for these events.

Waiting in the rain for Chris Hemsworth to arrive (I didn’t have an umbrella so I used this sign to stay dry). Image Credit: Bec Milligan/DMARGE

The amount of time spent and emails sent making sure you can attend the event in question, without being carried off by security guards, is astronomical. Not to mention, you also have to spend a huge amount of time researching, prepping and practising the questions you’ll eventually ask whoever you’re interviewing at the event.

After weeks of jumping through all these hoops, I was finally cleared to attend the Thor: Love and Thunder red carpet and was told I could interview the Chris Hemsworth. I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was.

So, yesterday afternoon, I arrived right on time at the premiere, shaking with anticipation (or maybe because it was freezing cold… who knows?) and was told it would be two hours before the guest of honour arrived, so we could take our time setting up and preparing for the interview.

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Unfortunately, Chris arrived late. And by the time he got to the Thor: Love and Thunder Sydney premiere, it had started to rain. But my excitement never dwindled despite how wet and cold it was.

It did dwindle, however, when I watched Chris walk inside after only being on the red carpet for a short amount of time. And it disappeared completely when I and numerous other journalists from numerous other publications were told we could no longer interview Chris as “he wanted to get out of the rain.”

Thankfully, Taika Waititi braved the rain for us! Image Credit: Bec Milligan/DMARGE

Of course, I understand the weather wasn’t great and because Chris had arrived late, the staff had to make up time so the film could still start promptly. And I want to make it clear: I know how fortunate I was to attend the Thor: Love and Thunder screening; I’m honestly half-joking, half whinging about a ‘hashtag first world problem’ and by no means am throwing Chris Hemsworth shade.

In fact, I admire that Chris at least took the time last night to sign a few autographs for fans waiting on the sidelines of the red carpet.

The ultimate shout-out though has to go to Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Love and Thunder, who braved the rain and granted me the opportunity to interview him on the red carpet (watch this space). And as for Chris, hopefully, one day I’ll get to interview him; I might just have to make sure I’ve got an umbrella for him in case of rain…

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