Chris Hemsworth Trainer Reveals The Crucial ‘Back To Gym’ Exercises You Need To Be Doing

"You're almost working the whole body in that one exercise."

It’s been a big few months in fitness. We’ve had eerie photos revealing how gyms will look in years to come, Cristiano Ronaldo showing us how to kill our chicken legs and Lebron James pummelling our abs.

We’ve also, naturally, investigated the best home workout to stay in shape and asked experts how to get as close as possible to replicating your normal gym workout at home. But now lockdown restrictions are easing and gyms are set to re-open (with restrictions), those of us who have let our strength slide are in for a rude awakening.

To get ahead of the (workout) curve, we hit up Chris Hemsworth‘s trainer Luke Zocchi (who will be co-hosting Tourism Australia’s Live From Aus fitness masterclass, showcasing part of Hemsworth’s app Centr’s new Unleashed program tomorrow morning at 8am) to ask: what are the exercises people will likely have been neglecting at home, and what are the best exercises to remedy this, once we return.

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Luke told us, “It’s a tough one… [either] a barbell back squat or a deadlift.” Why? “Everyone has been on bodyweight exercises so when people get back out into the real world [and] when gyms open up again, a barbell deadlift is a good one [to start doing again].”

“People neglect them because they’re hard, but they’re really good exercise.”

The reason they’re so beneficial, Luke told us, is, “you’re almost working the whole body in that one exercise.”

Do it with good form though; “it’s easy to hurt yourself.”

As for an exercise you should be doing at home but probably aren’t, Luke reckons it’s burpees: “Everyone hates burpees don’t they. But they recruit so many muscles in the one exercise.”

In other words: neglect them at your own risk.

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Also, like barbell deadlifts (and, pretty well every exercise ever), “a lot of people do them really fast and don’t do them correctly; do them with good form and they’re a great exercise.”

On that note, Luke gave us his top tip for improving your form: “you probably don’t want to look like the person filming yourself in a public gym, but I found my form got a lot better when I started making workout videos.”

Either that or get someone who knows what they’re doing to “check on your form and give you cues.”

Got it? Injury-free gains await.

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