Chris Hemsworth's Bizarre Pre Flight Routine Makes Naomi Campbell's Look Normal


Chris Hemsworth's Bizarre Pre Flight Routine Makes Naomi Campbell's Look Normal

Naomi Campbell set the bar high for kinky pre-flight rituals back in July, but Chris Hemsworth has today topped it. How so? Well, while fashion icon Naomi attacked her first-class suite with sanitising wipes, fitness icon Hemsworth just shared a video to Instagram of a bizarre solution to an even weirder business-class concern: dehydrated ears.

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That solution is face moisturiser, which Chris’ mate (and assistant) Aaron Grist smears around Chris’ Qantas headphones without Chris realising it, all under the watchful instruction of another of Chris’ mates (and now his PT) Luke Zocchi, presumably on their way back to Byron Bay after surfing the new wave pool in Melbourne.

“Moisturising the old ear. Ohhh rub it in. And then put ’em together so he can’t see it. Done.”

Cut ahead five minutes, and Chris is filmed looking gormlessly looking at his screen, moisturiser spiked headphones on, oblivious to the dots of white cream rolling down his cheeks.

“What? Did you spray me? Aw f*ckin hell.”

The realisation is complete.


It’s all in good humour though, with Chris’ Instagram caption proving you can never stay mad at mates for long.

“One of the most common side effects of frequent air travel is dehydrated ears. Thanks @azzagrist @zocobodypro for always having my back…. and my ears.”

It also helps if you’ve known each other since primary school, which these three have, with Zocchi formerly working as an electrician and Aaron once working as a glazier before they reunited with the mission of keeping Thor down to earth (a mission they seem to have accomplished with panache).

Who needs waves when you’ve got ear moisturiser?

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