Conor McGregor’s Irish Pub Gucci Outfit

"Billi no mates."

Conor McGregor’s Irish Pub Gucci Outfit

Conor McGregor has always had a keen eye for style.

From crisp yet casual ‘Canadian tuxedo’ fits to upending the bespoke suit game with the most vulgar pinstripes ever devised, the 32-year-old Irish MMA legend is just as playful and imaginative with this wardrobe as he is with his insults.

But sometimes his sartorial swings are as risky as his last-minute fist throws – like with this exceptionally luxurious (some might say too luxurious) outfit.

Relaxing in every Irishman’s natural habitat – the pub – McGregor decks himself out in a $1,000 Gucci polo, $1,135 Hermès belt and a $45,000 Rolex Day-Date ‘President’ for his wrist. It’s an expensive outfit, no doubt, but throwing bulk money at a fit isn’t the way to look cool.

He just kind of looks like the world’s richest nerd… Although we’re not volunteering to tell him that to his face.

The issues here are that he’s not only buttoned his polo all the way to the top, but he’s also tucked his polo into his jeans. On top of that, he’s wearing his jeans far too high up for comfort, something that’s brought into sharp focus by the tucked-in polo, too. It’s a shame because it’s actually quite a decent outfit. While some people look ridiculous covered in Gucci’s famous monogram, McGregor makes it look natural.

Under current creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s championed a highly irreverent, kitsch aesthetic that thrives on the weird and wonderful. So maybe McGregor’s just really taking Michele’s aesthetic to heart with this “Billi no mates” look. Maybe the whole point of the fit is its incongruous nature; looking like a nerd despite punching people out for a living. It’s exactly the sort of 3D chess move ‘The Notorious’ would pull. He’s getting into our head, man…

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Back in Ireland after a stint training in Portugal, McGregor is readying himself for his first fight in over a year, scheduled to take on American brawler Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 on January 23. Social media star Jake Paul has also challenged McGregor to a boxing match, offering him $50 million to step into the ring against him – but McGregor’s stayed mum when it comes to the prospect of that happening.

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