Conor McGregor Shows Off His New-Found Strength With Brutal Knee Tuck Exercise

Forget 'The Notorious' – he's looking more like The Incredible Hulk.

Conor McGregor Shows Off His New-Found Strength With Brutal Knee Tuck Exercise

Conor McGregor has taken a break from wearing mohair sweaters and knocking back whiskey to show off his new-found strength (and get a bit of a workout in). And not just any workout; an ab-destroying one (well, destroying for us mere mortals, anyway).

The 33-year-old MMA fighter took to Instagram an hour ago (at the time of writing) to share a video of him – literally – busting a gut. He captioned the video: “Core work on the @mcgregorfast.”

“The Truth!”

The video shows him strutting about for a bit, before putting his arms through a couple of straps and raising his knees to his chest before kicking out of the tuck towards the ceiling. He completes the movement 17 times before dusting himself off and grabbing the camera.

Video: Conor McGregor Shows Off His Ab Strength With ‘Ceiling Tuck’ Exercise

The video had followers (predictably) weighing in, making claims like “2022, the year of the biggest return in UFC history” and “they had to widen the doors at his house with them shoulders.”

Whether that happens remains to be seen. What is evident thought is that, despite his detractors saying he’s lost the hunger having become rich, McGregor is someone who will do anything it takes to win.

McGregor’s last loss was via technical knockout against Dustin Poirier in 2021, on the 10th of July at UFC 264. In the fight Conor broke his leg, putting him out of action for some time.

But Conor is nothing if not persistent, and all through the back half of last year gave us glimpses of his training and rehabilitation. He’s not only bragged he’ll “be back!” but has also proven there’s never an excuse to not work out.

In light of all this training (and perhaps due to the type of training he’s been doing, having been preventing from sparring in the early stages of his recovery) McGregor has put on a lot of bulk, with some outlets jokingly suggesting he may now be aiming to fight in the heavyweight division.

DMARGE spoke to Scott Reynolds, Fitness Director and Co-Founder of Combine Air, last year, to find out what’s been going on with McGregor’s bulking, in his opinion.


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Reynolds told DMARGE: “His transformation since July has been impressive, to say the least. His training has been limited while recovering from his injury.”

“His training since his injury would be a combination of strength training and healthy bulk eating. His only conditioning/fitness work would be on the bike at a lower intensity, therefore not generating too much calorie burn and holding more energy, which leads to the weight increase.”

McGregor now looks to be back in the swing of things, training more or less how he likes, and preparing for his much-awaited comeback. Love him or hate him, let’s be honest, we’ll probably be watching.

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