Conor McGregor Gets In Touch With His Feminine Side With Latest Outfit

Pretty in pink.

Conor McGregor Gets In Touch With His Feminine Side With Latest Outfit

Conor McGregor have made his fortune in the crudest of ways – beating other men to a pulp in the octagon – but when it comes to what he wears, he’s got a surprisingly considered approach.

From crisp yet casual ‘Canadian tuxedo’ fits to combining his passion for expensive tailored suits with his penchant for insults, the 33-year-old Irish MMA legend definitely has a passion for fashion, especially where luxury brands are considered. In particular, he loves the Italian brands, regularly stepping out in Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Prada.

His latest Prada pickup is a little left-field, however. Posing in front of a mirror for Instagram yesterday at the pub he owns in Dublin, The Black Forge Inn, Conor showed off a rather feminine pink mohair sweater paired with a black cap, black skinny jeans, black Nike sneakers and a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date (ref. 228238-0004).

It’s… Not what we’d normally expect from him.

Images: @thenotoriousmma / Rolex

Now there’s nothing wrong with wearing pink. Real men wear pink, actually. But the mohair is a bit much. We’re not sure if it’s more ‘grandma-core’ or ‘rich sorority girl’… The all-black accoutrements definitely make us think it’s the latter. He looks like he’s about to pick up an orange mocha frappucino.

The Rolex doesn’t help either, although that’s not really his fault. 40mm is somewhat on the smaller side for watches these days but it’s not abnormally small; it’s just that McGregor (who’s bulked up massively in recent months) makes the AU$59,200 timepiece look like a woman’s watch.

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What’s more concerning is that it looks like Conor took this photo just after going to the little boy’s room. His belt is undone and he seems to be covering up his fly. Maybe after his recent bulking, his jeans don’t quite fit like they used to? We’ve just got so many questions…

Check out the rest of Conor McGregor’s insane watch collection below.

McGregor’s beefier appearance has sparked rumours about the outspoken brawler’s future fight plans, with MMA writer Ariel Helwani suggesting that McGregor might be gearing up for a bout against social media star-come-boxer Jake Paul, telling DAZN it’s “the biggest fight to be made in combat sports right now whether people like it or hate it”.

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Others, such as fierce rival Dustin Poirier and ex-MMA fighter Chael Sonnen, have instead insinuated that McGregor has just let himself go after his loss to Poirier last year, where Poirier broke the Irishman’s leg. Or maybe they’re just jealous of his sweater…

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