Conor McGregor Just Revealed His Biggest Nutrition Secrets

Fighter-spec nutritional knowhow.

Conor McGregor Just Revealed His Biggest Nutrition Secrets

We all have celebrities whom we idolise and wish to imitate to our best ability. Whether it’s for their business acumen, their hairstyle changes – hello David Beckham – or their sporting prowess, the more we can learn about our heroes, the better. One such man whom is a great source of inspiration across multiple areas is Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

The outspoken athlete loves to live a lavish lifestyle the likes of which we can only dream of, but while we may not be able to replicate his riches, we can most certainly attempt to imitate his training regimes and now, thanks to the release of his new book, his nutritional secrets too. In a recent Instagram post showing himself driving his drop-top Rolls Royce sans top himself, Conor has announced a new cookbook that is available for free within the McGregor FAST fitness app.

Conor’s training app is already bursting at the seams with workout advice and programs, but as we should all know by now, your body is really built in the kitchen. So, combining his training methods with his meal plans will give you the best possible chance of imitating Conor’s enviable rig – no prizes for guessing why Conor decided to take a topless photo.

While we don’t have access ourselves to his nutritional hacks, if they’re anything like his surprisingly helpful advice when attempting pull-ups, or even his profound parenting advice, we have no doubts his nutritional knowhow will be of a similar vein. Although, we do hope there are other meal plans on offer besides his traditional Irish breakfast of bacon, sausage, blood pudding, scrambled eggs, baked beans, toast, juice and of course, tea.

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