Cool Rome Hotels That Perfectly Combine Luxury & Culture

If hospitality is an art, these hotels are Da Vinci level masterpieces.

Cool Rome Hotels That Perfectly Combine Luxury & Culture

If Florence is a flaccid Carbonara, Rome is a tongue-punching Arrabbiata.

From the Colluseum to the pepperoni-packed pizza, Italy’s hot-blooded capital has oodles to offer casual tourists, honeymooners and business travellers alike. When in Rome, however, there is a lot more to soak up than the romantic comedies would have you believe.

Between the thrumming streets, haunting ruins, legendary art and gorgeous wines, you don’t want to waste un secondo worrying about your hotel. To the contrary: you’d like to choose a place that elevates your stay. But choosing the right tapestry for your trip is no easy task.

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Fun loving couples want somewhere private but adventurous. Single travellers want culture. Business executives want luxury.

And we all want a bella vista.

Which is why we took it upon ourselves to curate the best hotels Rome has to offer. From those steeped in history to those dripping in indulgence, these are the highest rated hotels in Rome.

The Rooms Of Rome

Tucked away at the foot of Palatine Hill (the birthplace of imperial Rome), 24 boutique apartments await, wrapped up in a 17th-century palace (Palazzo Rhinoceros). Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, The Rooms Of Rome showcase the Pritzker Prize winner’s signature style, offering delectable views, original historic features and cutting-edge amenities. Put simply: the comfort of a 5-star hotel with the convenience of an apartment.

From $379 per night. 

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Palm Suites

Palm Suites offers self-contained apartments for the traveller seeking a more intimate experience. With its epic Rione Monte location (Rione Monte is known as the holy triumvirate of Roman ruins, food and sightseeing), it’s not hard to see why it’s one of’s highest-rated locations. And as each apartment is kitted out with a boutique kitchenette, a flat-screen TV, a living room, and a private bathroom (with a complimentary continental breakfast served each morning), we doubt you’ll be returning to a cookie cutter hotel chain any time soon.

From $510 per night. 

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Singer Palace Hotel

‘Extra’ in the Instagram sense of the word and tasty in every sense of the word, the Singer Palace Hotel is a royal retreat with raved-about staff, top-notch food and the famous pantheon at a five-minute stroll. On the other hand, if you feel like staying put there is an exquisite rooftop lounge at your disposal, with more pastel colours than you can throw a paintbrush at, as well as drinks, snacks and views to match. Plus, for the shopaholics, Singer Palace puts you molto close to retailers like Rolex, Gucci, H&M, Nike and Zara. Dolce Vita indeed.

From $488 per night. 

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Palazzo Navona Hotel

Historic. Elegant. Opulent. Understated luxury at its finest, Palazzo Navona will make you feel like Harvey Spectre’s office was a hotel (in Italy). Impeccable decor and high-end treats galore, this is a finely put together establishment for the discerning ladies and gents of the world. Located in the heart of Rome, Palazzo Navona will give you another reason to wish your vacation didn’t have to end.

From $420 per night.

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JK Place Roma Hotel

Embedded in what was once Rome’s school of architecture, JK Place Roma requires no lessons on design or hospitality. Elegant spaces with mid-century furniture and brave splashes of colour invite you to pick your palette (rooms come in gentle grey, ivory and gold, or jewel-box petrol-green and claret) while rosewood four-poster beds, marble bathrooms and Massimo Listri photography add a touch of glamour—and that’s before you leave the bedroom. Throughout the rest of the hotel antique furniture, sculptures and marble add to this casual take on La Dolce Vita, just minutes from Rome’s best shops and sights.

From $718 per night. 

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G Rough Hotel

Refined and rugged, G Rough proves high-end lodgings don’t all look the same. To the contrary: this bespoke hotel is set within a 17th-century Roman palazzo renovated, thankfully, without the heavy hand that often turns quaint old buildings into post-modern monstrosities. Relics to take note of are the original wood-beam ceilings, mosaic-tile floors and sublime antique furnishings from Italian designers like Ico Parisi, Giò Ponti, Venini and Seguso, spread over five floors and 10 suites.

From $489 per night.

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The Fifteen Keys Hotel

The crown jewel of the bohemian Monti district, The Fifteen Keys Hotel is where you go to add a dash (or 10) of colour to your holiday’s palette. But don’t be fooled: this place isn’t just for hipsters; it’s a full-service townhouse that caters to businessmen, couples, singles and digital nomads. Or, in the owner’s words: “If you want a nightcap at the bar at 3am, it’s not a problem.” Flexible, quiet and cool—The Fifteen Keys Hotel is a stay well worth your attention.

From $413 per night. 

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Hotel Palazzo Manfredi

Hotel Manfredi is where all classy contenders come to play, with Coliseum vibes (courtesy of the old gladiator gym next door) and a ‘luxe’ feel borne of elaborate furnishings, original 16th-century marble floors, luxurious drapes and a rooftop restaurant with romantic views over the city. Oh and don’t forget to take the house Lamborgini out for a spin, calm your pulse with a Campari and settle in for one of Star chef Giuseppe di Iorio’s creations (think tender tuna escalope, hand-made pasta twirls, red snapper steak and roasted lamb loin with pistachio stuffing).

From $508 per night. 

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Portrait Roma Hotel

If hospitality is an art, Portrait Roma is a masterpiece. The crown jewel in Lungarno Collection’s 5-star stay series, this leading hotel of the world is a frontrunner in the bespoke tourism industry—with a price to match. Transforming ‘uniform luxury’ into ‘spontaneous personalisation’, Portrait Roma lets you experience a private mansion with the service of a 5-star hotel intricately tailored to you and your lifestyle.

From $1,023 per night. 

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