Dan Bilzerian Yacht Workout Trend

Muscles and money.

Dan Bilzerian Yacht Workout Trend

Image: Sohu.com

You can say many things about Dan Bilzerian, but you can’t say he’s in bad shape.

The actor, Internet personality, entrepreneur and professional gambler loves to flex his awesome rig as well as his ludicrous lifestyle, sharing gratuitous photos of girls, luxury goods and crazy exploits with his over 32 million Instagram followers.

The 2020 COVID-19 crisis has seemingly slowed down his usual antics somewhat – he’s no longer able to travel around with a fleet of models thanks to social distancing – but he’s still staying in shape during lockdown, as his most recent Instagram story reveals.

Bilzerian shared footage of his latest workout on his Instagram story yesterday, effortlessly smashing pull-ups on the deck of a superyacht at sea, the pull-up handles dangling from the boat’s boom.

Pull-ups are one of the best calisthenic exercises you can incorporate into a workout routine, as they’re great for building your back, shoulders and arms. Most people just use a doorframe pull-up bar or use a gym frame, but clearly that’s not good enough for Bilzerian.

He’s not the only celebrity who’s been combining physical fitness with schmoozing on superyachts. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was recently papped in Saint-Tropez working out whilst chilling on a million-dollar yacht, and Cristiano Ronaldo also took to Instagram to show off his nautical exploits (and amazing summer body.)

It’s quite fitting really. Not only are Bilzerian, Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo rich enough to enjoy such exercising in such luxury, but they’ve also all got astronomical egos and aren’t afraid to show it.

And we thought gym memberships were expensive.

Watch how to get ripped like Dan Bilzerian below

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