Drake’s Courtside Outfit Confuses & Delights Fans

The hip-hop superstar's latest oversized fit suggests he's finally working out how to dress himself.

Drake’s Courtside Outfit Confuses & Delights Fans

Drake might be the biggest rapper in the world right now, but he’s not really a fashion icon, unlike some of his contemporaries like A$AP Rocky, Kanye West or Pharrell Williams. He might not be a trendsetter but he’s always been on top of fashion trends – you can bet if Drake’s wearing it, now’s the right time to wear it, too.

From preppy, baggy fits in his Degrassi days to getting obsessed with Stone Island in the late 2010s, the 35-year-old Canadian superstar’s style has evolved drastically over his years in the public eye. Recently, he’s been very into tracksuits and activewear, penning collaborations with Nike – but his latest style transformation might be his best yet.

Drake was spotted courtside at an NBA game between the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat over the weekend wearing an uncharacterisitcally fashion-forward outfit consisting of a Bottega Veneta zebra-print bowling shirt, pleated work trousers, Louis Vuitton sneakers and an 18ct yellow gold Rolex Day-Date (ref. 228238-0004).

It’s an outfit that not only gives off comfy yet classy retro Americana vibes (the hefty Rollie adding a touch of classic flair) but one that suggests that Drake’s finally developing a keen dress sense of his own.

Some fans absolutely love it, sharing particular praise on Instagram for the zebra-print shirt and the “baguette dial Presi” (i.e. the Rolex). “Dude’s finally dressing well,” as one commenter has said.

Others don’t quite share the same vision. “Shoes big, pants big, shirt got tumbled on high heat, all that money [and your] clothes don’t even fit. Tell dad thanks,” one user jokes, another savagely commenting that he “looks like a Dominican barber”. Niche.

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For what it’s worth, we really like the outfit. After years of fetishising skinny jeans, men are finally realising that the oversized fit is in. American workwear brands like Ben Davis, Carhartt, Dickies and Stan Ray are particularly in vogue, as are loose patterned shirts from designers like Casablanca Paris, Prada and Wales Bonner.

Very nicely done, Aubrey.

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