Drake’s Old School Fitness Hack May Be Your Ticket To Getting Shredded

The first step to getting truly shredded? Stop making that your aim.

Drake’s Old School Fitness Hack May Be Your Ticket To Getting Shredded

Image Credit: @champagnepapi

Canadian rapper, singer, Nike collaborator, self-care savant and erotic watch aficionado Drake is known for many things, but being super shredded isn’t really one of them.

His latest Instagram post showed the haters though, with Certified Lover Boy showing he’s not only got the moves in the studio but also in the gym.

Drake posted a series of images in which he looks quite buff, beginning with one where he is diving into the water at the beach and ending with one of him at a golf club. In between, there are shots of him in the gym, walking up a driveway with fitness gear and strolling along the beach.

The caption he provides is as follows: “The reward for hard work is more work…kno dat.”

The images had some Drake fans breathing heavily, with @keshiachante writing: “What in the OnlyFans is going on here lmaooo” and @nadiarosemusic writing “oh my.”

Some appeared to feel pressure, with @thekinghandles writing “relax mann.”

Others simply agreed, with @richthebarber writing: “facts” and @nickohurtardo writing “we got to do new work bro.”

Instagram user @whyg35 wrote: “Turn the cronem into body builders aye.”

DJ Khalid posted the emoji of a key.

Though it seems simple, Drake’s old school message of “work hard” (and enjoy it) may actually be the key to getting ripped. Think about it – of those you know who are really fit, how many of them are like that sheerly out of vanity?

Some, probably, but the vast majority of fitness icons appear addicted to the hustle to the point where the workout itself – and its myriad of mental benefits – are what get them out of bed in the morning, rather than the thought that it could lead to a ~abs~.

From America’s raw food muncher Liver King and his primal workout techniques (he encourages, among other things, you to pretend you are hunting, and for you to imagine a greater sense of purpose to your workouts) to German bodybuilder Jo Lindner (a man-mountain who seems to live for the workout) and his various workout tips, there is no shortage of strong dudes who work out for a greater purpose than looking big.

Drake is also right on a literal level – the more you lift, the more you can lift.

In terms of mental health, too, the quote makes some sense, with studies showing consistent exercise can lead to greater life satisfaction.

Eat This, Not That! reports that scientists at the University of Kent and the University of Reading found that consistent exercise can increase your happiness (going a step beyond other studies which found a correlation but not causation).

They also found eating fruits and vegetables regularly to be a key part of the “happiness recipe,” Eat This, Not That! reports.

According to Eat This, Not That!, the scientists used an “instrumental variable approach” to differentiate any effect happiness had on lifestyle choices, enabling them to show, “For the first time ever, that exercise and a healthy lifestyle causes increased life satisfaction and happiness… not the other way around.”

There you have it. Workout advice from Drake. And just like that, we’re kicking off 2022 with a bang.

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