The Rock Divides Men Everywhere Over Acceptable Loafer Wearing

Hopefully you can't smell what The Rock is cooking in this instance...

The Rock Divides Men Everywhere Over Acceptable Loafer Wearing

Image: Mark Smith

To say that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is impressive is an understatement almost as huge as his delts.

Not only is he one of the fittest dudes on the planet and an incredibly talented actor, but he’s also incredibly nice. Oh, and despite being built like a brick outhouse, he also manages to be one of Hollywood’s best-dressed men, too.

But even someone as perfect as The Rock sometimes makes mistakes. he’s human, after all. In this instance, it’s a sartorial mistake that many men are guilty of – wearing loafers without socks.

For his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week, The Rock chose a rather autumnal outfit consisting of a suede burgundy bomber jacket, pink turtleneck and red trousers. A bloody good look, we’d have to say (pun intended) – but one that was undermined by rocking loafers sans socks. Was he trying to show off how buff his ankles are or something?

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When it comes to wearing loafers without socks, the jury’s divided. Conventional wisdom would say that you should always wear socks with your loafers as not only is it a style faux pas, but it’s also unhygienic; a sure-fire way to get sweaty and foot fungus-y.

Indeed, a BBC report from 2017 went viral around the globe when it revealed that there’s been a huge uptick in men presenting with issues such as athlete’s foot and even trench foot in recent years because they’ve been wearing dress shoes, boat shoes and loafers without socks.

That said, wearing loafers without socks has become extremely popular these days, and proponents of the sockless life would say that socks with loafers just looks really dorky, as this WSJ debate relates. In reality, as long as you do it in moderation, you’re probably okay.

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Alternatively, The Rock could just be wearing ‘invisible socks’ and we could just be blowing this out of proportion. Please don’t beat us up, man, we love you.

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