Man Caught Doing The Unthinkable On Delta Flight

Toe-tally out of order.

Man Caught Doing The Unthinkable On Delta Flight

Image Credit: Getty Images

A man has been sprung filming a woman’s feet on a flight, and then brazenly editing the photo, while sitting right next to her. The internet is now divided as to what the woman should have done, and whether she knew the man or not.

TikTok user @alibedrossian has stoked discussion among her 5,000 odd followers (and the 5.9 million people who watched her video), posting a video of a man filming her feet on a flight.

The video shows a man sneakily aiming his phone at @alibedrossian’s feet (@alibedrossian was wearing sandals at the time) before lifting his phone up and checking out his footage, and even editing it.

She captioned the clip “cuz wtf am I supposed to say” with the hashtags ‘weirdo,’ ‘delta’ and ‘floridaman.’ Despite many people in the comments accusing her of staging the clip (“can’t trust influencers for this to be real. Probably knows the dude. Lol”), she claims she did not know the man.

“I do have shoes on and no I don’t know the guy,” @alibedrossian wrote.

Other commenters picked up on other aspects of the story, such as the “remarkable amount of legroom.” Others explained how that same situation would have made them feel.

“That would have toe-tally ruined my flight.”

“I would’ve been like ‘and that will be $50′” another said. Yet another said: “I would have said ‘pay me and I won’t tell.'”

“IN PLAN SIGHT?!!??!!!!!”

Other users shared stories of times this had happened to them. One woman wrote: “This happened to me at a restaurant and his phone made a sound and flash pointed at my feet I still didn’t say nothing.”

Perhaps the best recommendation was as follows (if the clip is true, not staged): “id call over an attendant and loudly be like ‘HEY THIS GUY KEEPS TAKING PICS OF MY FEET CAN I HAVE A DIFFERENT SEAT PLS.'”

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