Sad Floyd Mayweather Steps Out Wearing An 'Unlikely' Horological Choice

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Sad Floyd Mayweather Steps Out Wearing An 'Unlikely' Horological Choice

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not a subtle man. The professional promoter and undefeated boxing champion’s nickname is literally ‘Money’, and he lives up to that moniker: barely a week goes by without the 50-0 fighter posting some photo showing off expensive clothes, watches or bundles of cash.

One of the richest athletes of all time and estimated to have made over 1.67 billion USD in revenue over his career, Mayweather spends his days promoting strip clubs, flaunting his wealth and generally showing off.

The man’s known for his love of ultra-expensive timepieces, especially from the likes of Richard Mille – a relatively young Swiss watch brand that’s developed a reputation over the last two decades for its incredibly complex, opulent tonneau-shaped timepieces.

So when we saw his latest Instagram post, it wasn’t the new Richard Mille on his wrist that we were surprised by. It’s the fact that he seems to have matched an entire outfit around it, wearing a white and pink ensemble (and what must have been kilos of bling)… Whilst still managing to look deeply unhappy about the whole affair.

Don’t get it twisted: there’s nothing wrong with wearing pink. In fact, we’re advocates of it here at DMARGE. It’s just surprising to see Mayweather wearing so much of the colour, considering he’s built an image and career out of being an ultra-masculine (some might say close-minded) sort of guy.

The watch is a custom Richard Mille RM 11 automatic winding flyback chronograph. There are lots of different derivations of the RM 11, such as the McLaren exclusive edition Lando Norris was spotted wearing earlier this month.

If we had to guess, we’d say it’s an RM 11 Felipe Massa, but the piece is clearly bespoke: with a pink factory rubber bracelet and a sh*tton of diamonds embedded in the case, Mayweather must have spent well over the $250,000 average price of these bad boys.

Mayweather’s watch isn’t the only thing that’s ‘iced out’: his chain and trinket bracelet are both also chock-full of precious gems. Oh yeah, and he’s on a private jet, just in case you thought there wasn’t any possible way he could further emphasise his wealth. Don’t know what would give him cause to be so despondent, considering the circumstances.

The colour matching is a huge improvement over wearing a leather bag as a jacket, that’s for sure.

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