Floyd Mayweather Lives Up To ‘Money’ Moniker With Luxurious Dior Ensemble

One of the French luxury house's most iconic patterns.

Floyd Mayweather Lives Up To ‘Money’ Moniker With Luxurious Dior Ensemble

Athletes aren’t usually known for their shy and retiring characters. Combine a persistent, competitive attitude with vast natural talent and a huge ego, and you tend to have a recipe for braggadocio.

When they’re not wearing their team’s uniform, compression tights or athletic gear, celebrity athletes normally dress with the same sort of vivacity that they display in their sports – that is to say, flashy. For them, it’s disarmingly casual: take Lewis Hamilton rocking up to a race in Pyer Moss and Prada or how Conor McGregor draping himself in Gucci and Hermès just to go to the pub.

But the most consistently flashy dresser (or just person, really) would easily be McGregor’s one-time rival, Floyd Mayweather. The dude’s nickname is literally ‘Money’, and he happily lives up to that moniker: barely a week goes by without the 50-0 fighter and erstwhile entrepreneur posting some photo showing off expensive clothes, watches or bundles of cash.

Not all of these outfits are great – take this questionable Louis Vuitton jacket he wore to this year’s Super Bowl – but his latest ensemble actually looks really crisp. Taking to Instagram to promote his Las Vegas strip club, the 43-year-old boxer showed off a wet weather outfit consisting of a Dior ‘Oblique’ anorak and duck boots; distressed Amiri jeans and diamond-bedazzled sunglasses.

Wearing a raincoat inside isn’t normally that polite, but when you own the place we suppose you can get away with it. Besides, he might need it for some wet weather protection…

The Dior ‘Oblique’ monogram which covers Mayweather’s jacket and boots is one of the French luxury house’s most iconic patterns, and has seen a revival in recent years by the house under current creative directors Kim Jones and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Taking its name from a collection created by Christian Dior (the man himself) for Fall/Winter 1950/51, the Oblique monogram was created in 1967 by Marc Bohan, who was the atelier’s creative director from 1961 to 1989. Its modern revival has been spurred on in a large part thanks to the success of the B23 high-top sneaker – a luxurious take on the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star.

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Mayweather has made headlines in recent weeks after agreeing to an exhibition match against the outrageous and controversial social media star Logan Paul, who’s never won a professional boxing match. This seems crazy on paper, but Mayweather is both outweighed by and is significantly shorter than Paul, and both parties are said to be taking the fight extremely seriously. It’ll go down in February 2021, with a specific date still yet to be locked down.

In another bizarre turn of events, Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul, who’s also trying to make a name for himself as a boxer, challenged Conor McGregor to a fight earlier this week. Jake has a bit more experience under his belt, most notably beating former NBA player Nate Robinson in the undercard fight of the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight earlier this year.

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