Kyle Kuzma’s Fashion Trend With Russian Headwear

Babushka Boi.

Kyle Kuzma’s Fashion Trend With Russian Headwear

Kyle Kuzma isn’t just one of the most skilled basketball players active today, he’s also one of the best-dressed – a big call, considering how stylish the NBA is these days.

The 25-year-old Lakers power forward has one of the most varied wardrobes in the celebrity fashion world, effortlessly flitting between tropical Chris Pine-esque looks to ultra-cozy oversized fits or crisp tailored suits, and even starring in fashion shoots alongside his glamourous girlfriend, Canadian model Winnie Harlow.

His latest outfit might be his best yet. Posing outside his Los Angeles home (and next to his Lamborghini Huracán) for American luxury publication Haute Living, Kuzma looks particularly bohemian in a suit from boutique LA fashion house Grayscale, big 70s shades, and what appears to be a new Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time (ref. 243-20/43) on his wrist.

But the crowning glory of the outfit is undoubtedly the patterned, ‘babushka’-style scarf he’s wrapped around his head – a bold sartorial choice that adds further fuel to the stylish fire that is 2020’s most impactful men’s fashion trend.


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Kuzma’s not the only male celebrity who’s worn a scarf like this in recent years. The style was popularised by fashion-forward rapper A$AP Rocky, who’s been rocking the look since 2018 and even released a single last year – the hilariously titled Babushka Boi – all about his scarf steeze.

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2020 has seen the start of a big shift in men’s fashion, with conventionally masculine celebrities more openly adopting ‘feminine’ styles of dress. Harry Styles has been a particularly notable example, but he’s by no means the only celeb who’s been doing their bit to break down gender norms in fashion. Neymar Jr.’s been wearing women’s sneakers, Dan Levy wowed the Emmys red carpet with his dress… Even tough guy Jason Momoa wore a pink tux and sparkly scrunchie to the Oscars last year.

It seems to be the direction that fashion’s moving in, even if many Australian men are still reluctant to wear gender-neutral or feminine fashion.

The 2019-2020 NBA season playoffs wrapped up in October, with Kuzma’s LA Lakers beating Miami Heat in the finals to nab their first NBA championship in a decade. It was a strange season for the NBA, with the last eight games of the regular season and the entire playoffs being held at a specially-designed ‘NBA Bubble’ at Walt Disney World in Florida.

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