Chris Pine Wins Summer With Pristine Shirt, Shoes & Rolex Combination

Big Hunter S. Thompson vibes.

Chris Pine Wins Summer With Pristine Shirt, Shoes & Rolex Combination

American Hollywood heartthrob Chris Pine is an underrated fashion icon.

Actors like Jeff Goldblum, Michael B. Jordan, Johnny Depp and Jake Gyllenhaal are constantly touted as sartorial savants – and we reckon Pine ought to be in contention too. The 39-year-old star, best known for playing Captain Kirk in the most recent Star Trek films and Steve Trevor in 2017’s Wonder Woman, consistently displays amazing fashion sense.

He’s not afraid to experiment, either: whether it’s making mustard suits look cool, dressing like a bottle of fine Italian wine or effortless 90s throwbacks, the man is basically the dictionary definition of ‘debonair’. We reckon you could throw a burlap sack over the lad and he’d still make it work somehow.

His latest ensemble reiterates why he’s so worth paying attention to. Pine was spotted yesterday grabbing a coffee in Los Angeles wearing a summery leopard-print rayon short-sleeve shirt, tight black pants, a classic Panama hat, white Birkenstock sandals, accessorising with a gold chain, silver bracelet and a gold Rolex Datejust worth 27,000 USD (~37,640 AUD).

Credit: Getty Images

Pine’s nailed the whole ‘trying but not trying too hard’ aesthetic. Sunnies, a hat and PPE show that he’s being responsible and he hasn’t just thrown the first thing on the back of his chair on to go grab his flat white, but the Birks and loosely buttoned shirt scream ‘I’m on holiday and I don’t care’.

The pops of gold from his Rolex and chain, combined with the leopard print shirt and classy Panama hat are delightfully 70s and channels some serious Hunter S. Thompson vibes.

With winter still barreling on here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re living vicariously through Pine’s summery staunch. On the bright side, it’s given us plenty of style inspiration for when lockdown lifts and we can get back to the beach.

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