Romeo Beckham Shows Tide May Be Turning On Fashion's Most Divisive Footwear

Dorky to debonair?

Romeo Beckham Shows Tide May Be Turning On Fashion's Most Divisive Footwear

We’ve previously claimed that “the Beckham family is the most stylish celebrity clan in the world,” the three eldest Beckham boys Romeo, Brooklyn and of course David all enjoying just as much success modeling as they have as footballers (that’s not to undersell David’s GOAT status, however).

Thanks in no small part to the discerning eye of fashion designer mum Victoria, the whole Beckham brood are consistently trailblazing fashion icons. Whether it’s Peaky Blinders-inspired heritage looks, bohemian suiting or effortless streetwear steez – the lads know how to scrub up.

17-year-old Romeo’s latest outfit has once again made a splash, and may make many reconsider their stance on one of fashion’s most controversial topics: the rubber clog.

On holiday with his girlfriend Mia Regan in Cornwall, Romeo posted a casual pic showing him chilling by a cliffside, wearing a casual ensemble with a Burberry hoodie and bright yellow Crocs.

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The ‘sports mode’ Crocs immediately grab your attention, their iridescent glow in stark contrast to the muted English countryside scene. Rubber clogs, of which Crocs are the most infamous example, are an eternally divisive footwear choice. Ubiquitous, minimalist, and ugly to many, the humble rubber clog has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in 2020.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Post Malone have been spotted rocking Crocs, and Kanye West made fashion news late last year with his Yeezy Foam RNNR – a futuristic clog partially made out of algae.

Looks like the tide’s turning on these once-reviled shoes. Indeed, Romeo’s fans had nothing but praise for the bold footwear choice, many commenting that he’s made Crocs look cool. Others were far more interested in the man than their shoes, in any case.

“You look like a younger Cristiano Ronaldo in this pic… like [a] 2008 version,” one commenter gushed.

Something we can all agree on: opinions on Crocs may be changing, but the Avarca sandal is still a bit suss.

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