Man’s Inspiring Video Shows How Fit You Can Get In A Year

"It’s all in the mind."

Man’s Inspiring Video Shows How Fit You Can Get In A Year

Image: @fousey

Think getting into shape requires a serious amount of time? You’d be right – you can’t expect to get results overnight. But if you commit to a proper workout regime for at least a year – and turn your back on alcohol – you can get mega results, as one video proves.

The video in question comes from Yousef Erakat, better known on YouTube as Fousey. While Fousey was originally known for prank-style videos when he joined YouTube, he has since curated his content to focus more on fitness and his personal body transformation.

The video that brought him to our attention was reposted by the @muscleleagues account and shows Yousef opening the door to his home on two separate dates, allegedly one year apart, and showing how much his body has changed during that time. We’ve previously discussed another man’s 12-month body transformation and mentioned then just how difficult of a task it actually is. For Yousef to be able to pull off the same feat, then, is nothing short of incredible and inspiring.

So, how did Yousef manage this? Well, judging by his Instagram account and a separate video he posted, he both gave up alcohol to go stone cold sober and took up boxing and running. He did compete in a boxing match in September 2021, but suffered a broken nose and vowed he wouldn’t fight in a competitive match again.

In fact, it wasn’t just the booze Yousef turned his back on. In a separate Instagram post, he admits to quitting virtually all of the daily vices so many of us consume. His caption reads,

“Instead of saying what I ate and what I worked out, I think it’s more notable for me to state this: in between the 2 pictures I haven’t drank alch, smoked (vapes or weed) had sex, watched *pr0n, watched a single IG story, liked a single IG pic let alone scroll even 0.1% of my feed daily.”

“My screen time has gone from a 20HR average to a 4HR. I don’t start eating until 2PM and I stop no later than 8PM. Bed time is not a second after midnight and morning is before 8AM. I consume audio books and motivational speeches daily. I operate on a frequency of love and have absolutely 0 time for negativity, hate or gossip.”

“The guy on the left found every excuse in the book to not better himself and to accept defeat. The guy on the right uses EVERY opportunity to better himself and refuses to accept defeat. It’s all in the mind.”

We should all be aware of the effects alcohol has on bodies and how it can contribute to us being overweight. The term ‘beer belly’ didn’t come from anywhere, after all. There can be as many as 150 calories in one can of beer, for instance. So, ditching alcohol in favour of either a spirit with a mixer such as soda water, or even going sober entirely with something like a non-alcoholic beer, can have a dramatic effect on your waistline.

Do so, however, and combine it with a series of some of the best workouts – and a well-rounded nutrition plan to suit your goals – and you too will eventually start to see results. Just remember to keep at it, set yourself small goals to achieve and don’t be put off if other guys in the gym are lifting more than you. It’s all ego and it’s impressing nobody.

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