‘I’ll Go On. F**k it’: German Man’s Incredible Body Transformation Proof It’s Mind Over Matter

"The difference is not that I don't have any problems. The difference is that I am learning to live with these problems."

‘I’ll Go On. F**k it’: German Man’s Incredible Body Transformation Proof It’s Mind Over Matter

If you ever come up against obstacles in life, generally, the only genuine obstacle is you and your mind. Tell yourself, and believe, you can do something will more often than not result in a positive outcome. This is especially true for getting yourself into much healthier shape.

We’ve already seen countless stories of incredible body transformations, from people from all walks of life. Whether it’s your average American who’s been inspired by their sporting heroes; dads who realised their over-eating could mean they’ll leave the planet sooner than planned and never see their children grow up; or even sporting figures such as Mo Salah or Sergio Ramos, who push themselves harder, allowing them to perform better where it matters.

The latest incredible body transformation – and inspirational story, of course – comes from German man Andre Patris. Taking to Instagram to disclose his story, Andre reveals he was once a rather large man and has also undergone heart surgery. Now, he’s ripped as hell and is a National Bodybuilding coach, proof that you really can turn your life around if you overcome the mental battle.

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The caption for his post – comprising various before and after images – is written in German, but a rough translation says:

“People see this shape and think that it’s all so easy for me. That it was easy for me to look like that. BS. I have my struggle like everyone else. Just me.”

“How often do I fear heavy squats because I worry about my artificial aorta (the main artery that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body)? How often do I have back and knee problems? How long my biceps tendon has been inflamed? How often do I not manage to consume enough protein sh*t and how often I generally eat and sleep far too little?”

“The difference is not that I don’t have any problems. The difference is that I am learning to live with these problems.”

“At some point I accept it and learn to deal with it. Yes, my biceps hurt when curling. So I’m looking for a way to train my biceps without them hurting.”

“I haven’t been able to do it for two years. Is that why I throw myself on the floor and start crying and kick around?”

“No, I’ll go on. F*** it. If you want to be better than the rest, you have to be able to do more than the rest. If I said “too late today, I’d rather go to sleep” every time at 11pm, I would probably only do it once a week for training create. I just do what has to be done.”

“The saying always helps me a lot. Do what needs to be done! How bad do you want it?”

His words are of a similar vein to those of muscle mountain The Rock, who has previously revealed a technique he uses to help push himself harder, is to ask himself “how bad of a m****r f****r do you think you are?”

Andre’s post has received hundreds of comments, all in support of his incredible transformation, and recovery from his surgery. In fact, a surgeon has even commented on the post, claiming: “I’ve done many sternotomies. This is great work to recover so well.”

Some skeptics and cynics may question whether Andre has dabbled with using steroids to aid him on his quest for muscular greatness. We’ve previously heard from fellow German bodybuilder Jo Lindner, who has admitted to taking steroids in his younger days, but now strongly condones their misuse. 

Regardless, for Andre to go from a serious dad bod, to having surgery, to getting himself into incredibly ripped shape, is nothing short of remarkable. He’s yet more proof that if you keep telling yourself you can, and that you will achieve and smash your goals, you can do anything.

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