Gianluca Vacchi’s Cartier Watch

Diversify your portfolio.

Gianluca Vacchi’s Cartier Watch

Gianluca Vacchi is a living counterpoint to the argument that celebrities are just boring, or just like you and I. No-one on the face of the planet is like Gianluca Vacchi…

The Italian playboy and unlikely social media star’s presence defies explanation. Having made his millions in the family business and through savvy investments, the silver fox left the corporate rat race for a life of salsa dancing, conspicuous consumption and becoming a father at 52. He’s an irrepressibly excessive man who’s an Instagram must-follow for anyone looking for a little entertainment.

His latest video demonstrates his characteristically eclectic personal style and sense of humour. Playfully roaring at the camera, Vacchi shows off a somewhat old-fashioned ensemble, wearing a stylish double-breasted pinstripe suit and AU$32,300 rose gold Cartier Tonneau watch.

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It’s a surprisingly conventional outfit from a man who’s normally known for pulling sartorial stunts like pairing seersucker with denim, and a rather unanticipated choice of timepiece.

Cartier is somewhat of an anomaly in the watch world. Generally speaking, timepieces from jewellery brands are looked down upon by aficionados compared to those from dedicated watch manufactures. French jeweller Cartier is a notable exception, however: their Santos and Tank models are worthy members of the watch pantheon alongside names like Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso or Rolex’s Day-Date.

Indeed, Cartier’s dress watches are some of the finest a watch fan can invest in, with Vacchi’s Tonneau as a prime example. It’s quite an old-school design and an unexpectedly tasteful surprise from the ‘Italian Stallion’.

It proves that watch fans ought to keep an open mind and collect all sorts of different watches. The problem with modern watch collecting is that it’s become very hype-driven, much like fashion or art. People are obsessed about what ‘the Internet’ likes, whether that be limited edition Air Jordans, Rolex ‘Batman’ GMT-Master IIs or overpriced tchotchkes from the likes of Takashi Murakami, KAWS and Hebru Brantley.

While popular watches can be savvy investments, Vacchi demonstrates that a diverse portfolio is a must-have for anyone who’s serious about watches. It’s a breath of fresh air, frankly, to see Vacchi so confidently wear such a staid kind of watch like this. Dress watches are well overdue for a popular revival and it’s great to see Vacchi leading the way.

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