Google Flights: Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Your Next Flight


Google Flights: Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Your Next Flight

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Remembering to weigh your luggage before arriving at the airport. Dressing comfortably for a flight. Keeping your passport somewhere it can’t be pickpocketed. Knowing how to extract yourself from a ‘one up’ travel story spin cycle in a hostel. 

There are many things a savvy traveller should know how to do. 

But as technology changes rapidly, even if you thought you were a seasoned professional 10, 5 or even 3 years ago, you could soon find yourself being left behind. Or – if not left behind – travelling inefficiently compared to what’s possible. 

We all want to avoid this, right? Right. Enter: the following travel hack, courtesy of Zachary Abel (@zacharyburrabel), American actor from Make It or Break It, who is also a travel blogger and credit card points hacker. 

Abel recently took to Instagram to share a Google Flights hack that could make your next trip that little bit more spacious. The hack? Making sure you always get the fare which gives you the best legroom possible, when weighing up multiple flights. 

Watch the video below to hear Abel explain how it all works. 

“Here’s a Google Flight hack you may not know about,” Abel began the video. 

“Let’s say you want to go from LA to New York from November the 12th to the 16th. You see JetBlue, United and Delta are all the same price and it’s a really great deal. So what’s the best option? Enter: Leg Rooms for Google Flights.”

Abel then claims if you add this extension to your Chrome, it will make your decision making process a lot simpler.

“Look what it does – same flights – it tells you how much leg room you’re going to have [for each]. And if you want to do it business, it tells you which ones are lie flat and which ones you have to sit upright.”

Instagram user @sweeetanj chimed in at the top of the comments section, writing: “Oh this is DEFINITELY going to be useful.”

Other commenters suggested alternatives like Seatguru. Others chimed in with clapping hands emojis, fire emojis and the word “genius.”

It seems his followers were keen on the advice. 

As for Australians looking to start travelling overseas again (soon!) this Google Flights travel hack could save you a bunch of unneccessary searching and reading. Then all you have to do is read up on the in-air faux pas to avoid and you’re set. 

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