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Not just for white parties.

How To Wear A White Blazer

There’s something about a white blazer that cuts a striking figure. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, there’s an insouciance and undeniable confidence that comes from it that’s hard not to be drawn to.

But pulling off this statement piece is no mean feat. Sporting a white blazer demands an understated but studied elegance and a hell of a lot of swagger. It’s not for the faint of heart, but then again, nothing worthwhile ever is. Here, we start with the basics to ensure this blazer is worn like a pro.

What To Look For In A White Blazer

When looking for any blazer, the key things to look out for are construction and fit. First and foremost, a blazer shouldn’t be mistaken for a suit jacket. It’s more casual and the construction should reflect this. Whereas a corporate jacket will often be fully canvased around the torso to give more structure, blazers are half-canvased or completely unlined. This makes for a more relaxed silhouette and vastly superior comfort.

Look for Neapolitan style tailoring with details like a rolled shoulder seam and patch pockets. This makes for a jacket that moves fluidly with the wearer and is far more suited to casual pairings like jeans or shorts. While construction is important in any blazer, it’s even more so for a white one. Because of the lighter shade, some fabrics will mean you can see the faintest outlines of the internal structure.

And this brings us to the cloth and fabric itself. ‘White’ doesn’t have to mean blinding, bleached white. And for the purposes of the modern gent, it really shouldn’t. This shade tends to look cheap in tailoring so instead look at blazers in variants of the shade like ivory, cream or off white.

How To Wear A White Blazer With Trousers

When pairing a white blazer with anything, it’s important to remember that it’s the star of the show and enough of a statement in its own right. With this in mind, when looking at what pants to pair, opt for tailored slim cut trousers in classic shades like navy, grey or taupe. These provide a solid base for any ensemble and keep your look firmly in the territory of ‘timeless style’.

Look for tailoring details like tab-waists and thick trouser cuffs that can lend your trousers some personality. If your jacket is made from a lighter fabric like silk or even a linen/cotton blend, don’t be afraid to play with similarly light trousers – particularly in the warmer months.

Look to style icons like Jay Gatsby for inspiration, pairing the look with plain cotton twill shirts in pale blues, pinks or whites for a classic Summer ensemble. If you’re feeling bold, a darker blue chambray shirt looks sensational with a white blazer and gives the wearer the illusion of a tan – as per David Gandy pictured above.

How To Wear A White Blazer With Jeans

A white blazer is the perfect way to dress up the otherwise hum-drum jeans and shirt combination. Tossed on over a fitted black or grey tee, some blue-wash slim jeans and loafers, it makes for a smart-casual look that’s suitable for drinks or dinner. If styled right though, it will take you further than that.

When it comes to the blazer, look for an unlined style in linen or cotton with patch pockets. This keeps it in line with the more casual feel of jeans and also stops you from looking overly polished. In this instance, you’re aiming for a slightly rumpled elegance that only morer casual jackets will convey.

With your jeans, avoid any tears or excess detailing, instead opting for a classic pair with a leather belt, perhaps rolling up the hem once or twice and showing off your ankles.Whether you match this with a pair of suede loafers or even a high-end sneaker, it’s a classic look that you’ll be able to go to time and time again.

Need more help? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to wear a blazer with jeans.

How To Wear A White Blazer With Shorts

In the warmer months, nothing says style like a smart blazer over a linen shirt and some tailored Bermuda shorts. And whether you’re heading to drinks on Sydney Harbour, the Portsea polo or a swanky garden party, this look is bound to mark you out from the scrum.

To execute this outfit properly, the first thing to consider is fit. You’ll want to ensure that your blazer is a little shorter than your average suit jacket, hitting just below the middle of your glutes. This ensures that the jacket doesn’t swamp your shorts and it will also have an elongating effect.

Next, you want to figure out the right short and shirt combination to pair your blazer with. The go-to is a pair of navy, cotton twill shorts paired with a white shirt. However, if you’re looking to diversify, this is your chance. A patterned shirt or – for the bold – pair of shorts in classic Nautical seersucker can look sensational against the block white of the jacket. Just ensure you trial with caution, remembering that in this instance, one print is more than enough.

How To Accessorise A White Blazer

Accessorising a white blazer should be approached with a less is more mentality. Given how bold a statement this jacket is in the first place, exercise restraint with simple pocket squares in classic hues like blue and white. Also look to experiment with softer kerchief fabrics like linen or even cotton. These make for a point of textural contrast against a white blazer jacket and add interest without detracting from the overall ensemble.

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