How To Wear White Pants & White Trousers If You’re A Guy

Not after Labor Day weekend.

How To Wear White Pants & White Trousers If You’re A Guy

White jeans aren’t just for sailors any more. Even the biggest denim addicts can swap out their beloved jeans for a pair of white pants and look totally rad in the process. They may seem like a specialty item, but white pants are actually surprisingly versatile – they can be dressed up or dressed down, paired with almost any other colour, and worn in all kinds of weather.

Here are four foolproof ways to wear white trousers…

White Trousers & A Shirt

A simple summertime combination is that of the classic white trousers, shirt and dress shoes. Here you can wear almost any colour shirt a either linen or cotton fabrics. Don’t stop a just bright colours, instead consider soft blues and pinks or try some unique fabric patterns from the likes of Gucci or Ferragamo. Finish the look with a belt and match the belt with a pair of loafers, espadrilles, derbys or even clean leather sneakers.

White Trousers & A Blazer

This more formal look sees white pants paired up with double monk strap shoes and a double breasted blazer. Blue blazers are a common favourite and easily paired with a blue t-shirt or shirt. If you prefer earthy tones then green or pinks / red blazers will also work nicely. with white trousers. Note the chic mix of colours: a light blue shirt, tan or cognac shoes, and a darker brown jacket. A black blazer will work too but we recommend wearing a black t-shirt or black shirt with this combination.

White Trousers & T-Shirt

White often feels like a formal colour, but it can easily be roughed up to become casual on-the-street wear. To take it down a notch, wear your white pants with a lowkey dark t-shirt and a favourite pair of worn-in footwear. Layer with a blazer or open shirt, and mix in accessories like a rubber watch strap or wooden beads. Just because your pants look pristine doesn’t mean the rest of the look has to. (Maybe skip the hat, it’s a bit nowhere.)

White Pants & Bright Colours

White is the ultimate neutral. In fact, the only thing you shouldn’t pair your white pants with is a white shirt. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Take a leaf out of Lapo Elkann’s book instead, and match your white pants with something bright, patterned, or otherwise eye-catching. Play up the contrast between the colours.

Five Shoes That Work Best With White Pants…

  1. A brown loafer
  2. A black derby
  3. Espadrilles
  4. A navy blue leather sneaker
  5. A brown monk strap