John Legend Wears The Most Underrated Jacket Of All Time

High flyer.

John Legend Wears The Most Underrated Jacket Of All Time

Legend might not be his real surname, but John Legend has definitely earned the right to call himself that – at least where fashion’s concerned.

Of course, the 42-year-old is best known as one of the most talented musicians of the 21st century: he’s a singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and EGOT (i.e. an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner)… But he’s also one of the most fashionable male celebrities on the planet, serving up style inspiration even more impressive than his vocal range.

In particular, his taste in jackets is impeccable. Legend has a real knack for breathing new life into outerwear trends of old. Take this 1950s-esque souvenir jacket he rocked on the red carpet or this tasty overcoat he paired with a very retro mohair sweater.

Now it seems he’s bringing back the classic leather flight jacket – one of the most underrated men’s jacket options of all time and a particularly dapper look.

Leather flight jackets, as the name suggests, owe their origin to the world of military aviation. As aerospace technology improved during WWI and into WWII, the altitudes at which aircraft operated increased – so pilots and crews needed durable, warm jackets. In the 80s, leather flight jackets saw a huge boom in popularity thanks to the iconic action film Top Gun but in recent years it’s been streetwear icons like Kanye West fuelling its resurgence.

Legend’s jacket in particular seems to be inspired by the classic G-1 military flight jacket with its fur-lined colour – unlike the G-1, however, his jacket features breast pockets (a stylish and practical touch). It’s a classic piece of Americana and makes Legend look like a million bucks without having to be too formal.

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Legend’s been keeping himself busy as a judge on season 20 of NBC’s The Voice as well as working on his own wine brand, Legend Vineyard Exclusive, in collaboration with acclaimed Napa Valley winery Raymond Vineyards.

He’s not the only celebrity who’s entered the wine game, either: check out Daniel Ricciardo’s tasty new collaboration with St Hugo.

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