Floyd Mayweather's Unbelievable Fashion Transformation Will Leave You Speechless

'Pretty Boy' lives up to his nickname for once.

Floyd Mayweather's Unbelievable Fashion Transformation Will Leave You Speechless

‘Floyd Mayweather’ and ‘well-dressed’ are four words that don’t often appear in a sentence together… At least not without a ‘is not’ between the two.

The 44-year-old boxer might be one of the wealthiest athletes of all time but money isn’t a substitute for good taste: he’s regularly seen in designer clothes and mountains of bling but he very rarely looks genuinely stylish. Just take this bizarre jacket he wore to the 2019 Super Bowl – more is not always more…

Which is why it’s always surprising to see him in a fit we might actually wear. Over the weekend, ‘Money’ Mayweather shared some snaps of himself relaxing at an art gallery, looking positively dapper. Arguably better than the art, too.

Fans were also left speechless – one commenting that “Floyd stopped playing…this is style.” We’d have to agree, actually.

There were still some characteristically luxurious touches: a Louis Vuitton sweater over a turtleneck, Christian Louboutin Chelsea boots and a diamond-encrusted Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph (ref. 26403BC.ZZ.8044BC.01) worth a cool $1.4 million…

But the outfit is surprisingly cohesive. When you’re as buff as Mayweather, it’s hard dressing conservatively like this without looking a bit foolish (a mistake Mayweather’s former rival Conor McGregor is sometimes guilty of). Actually, we’re getting more David Beckham vibes with this outfit, particularly with that newsboy cap he’s rocking.

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Mayweather’s been in the headlines once again after the legendary Oscar De La Hoya formally announced his return to boxing, as well as his desire to face off against Mayweather. De La Hoya and Mayweather notably fought back in 2007 – a bout that at the time was the biggest money-making fight of all time that ended in a split decision in Mayweather’s favour.

Mayweather had called for De La Hoya to fight him in 2015, but he had said at the time that he was planning to stick with his 2008 retirement, Fox News reports. This exciting news of a rematch comes off the back of Mayweather’s fight against controversial YouTube star Logan Paul last month getting indefinitely postponed.

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