Jonah Hill Rocks ‘Foolproof’ Outfit Every Man Should Own

"50 and thriving."

Jonah Hill Rocks ‘Foolproof’ Outfit Every Man Should Own

If you think ‘Jonah Hill’ and ‘snappy dresser’ are combinations of words that shouldn’t belong together, then you’re behind the times.

While the talented comedian and actor might have built his career off the back of playing schlubs and nerds, Hill these days has not only lost a lot of weight since his Superbad days but has evolved into one of the most fashion-forward male celebrities on the planet right now, even working with big-name brands like Palace, Marni and Adidas on campaigns, collaborations and exclusive collections respectively.

His recent outfit has set the internet into a tailspin – although not for the reasons you’d think. Hill shared a photo of himself on Instagram yesterday wearing a classic white linen shirt and black jeans ensemble with the hilarious (yet confusing) caption “50 and thriving.” For the record, he’s 37, although that hasn’t stopped fans second-guessing themselves.

Bewildering comment aside, it’s a winning look that’s easy to pull off and totally foolproof. It’s an outfit every man should own and every man can look good in.

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Australian men are well-known for their love of a linen shirt but like any fashion staple – like skinny jeans, leather jackets or a dress watch – they only look great if you invest in a quality example. Jonah’s is probably from The Row, who he’s been doing some modelling work for along with Zoë Kravitz.

Hill’s black jeans and leather loafers bring the whole look together: it’s casual and comfortable, but significantly dressy enough to work in a wide variety of contexts.

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Hill is set to appear in the upcoming Netflix political comedy satire Don’t Look Up alongside Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, and Jennifer Lawrence. He’s also working with acclaimed screenwriter William Monahan on a limited series covering the life of notorious Hollywood figures Lew Wasserman and Sidney Korshak, with Hill starring as the latter.

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