Jonah Hill Is Unrecognisable In ‘Cult Leader Outfit’ At Lakers Game

All praise Jonah.

Jonah Hill Is Unrecognisable In ‘Cult Leader Outfit’ At Lakers Game

Image: Romer Macapuno/DMARGE

If you had front-row seats to a Lakers game, you might consider dressing up for the occasion, delving deep into your wardrobe to find an outfit befitting of such an exciting and exclusive occasion… Not so for Hollywood legend Jonah Hill, who used the opportunity to embrace his anti-wellness alter-ego.

Jonah Hill, the legendary American actor, director, and screenwriter, is known for his comedic and dramatic roles alike, with iconic flicks like Superbad, 21 Jump Street, Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street on his roster.

He’s also known for his ongoing battle with self-image and his powerful approach to style, boasting a wardrobe that’s just as well equipped with foolproof outfits as it is with idiosyncratic no-f***s-given fits.

However, Hill has recently been making headlines for his pretty unique fashion choices and commitment to ribbing the overblown wellness industry through his clothing brand, Meaningful Existence.

Hill has been known to embrace his alter ego, Prophet Ezekiel Profit, outside of its birthplace Saturday Night Live skit and revived the character during a Lakers game earlier this week.

Created to take a jab at the money-hungry wellness gurus who increasingly pervade the cultural milieu – especially in star-studded LA – the Prophet look has taken a few different forms over the years, sometimes donning a long beige robe and a large straw hat with a black band.

This week the ensemble, usually intended to be an unflattering nod to biblical prophets in one way or another, was a little more paired down. Well, only a little.

“One of us will have to change!” Hill and Rinna twinned perfectly. Image: Getty

Rocking a ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic-style hairdo, wrap-around shades, a full Meaningful Existence sweatshirt and pants fit plus some perfectly curated baby-pink socks and sliders, Hill was joined by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna who mirrored Hill in a yellow Meaningful Existence set with shades, sans wig.

The sweatshirts were complete with the Meaningful Existence logo across the chest, whilst the pants were complete with multicoloured cursive branding down each leg.

The pair were also joined by a Meaningful Existence “cult” of supporters – all donning neon green versions of his same tracksuit – who greeted Hill outside with enthusiasm fit for a guru-come-satirical-cult-leader. We love it when people commit to the bit.

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According to the brand’s official profile, “Meaningful Existence is the lifestyle and wellness community founded, run, and ruled by Prophet Ezekiel Profit.”

“Based on the teachings of Profit, we have one simple goal: to spread joy throughout the universe by monetising happiness,” the page reads. “Here at Meaningful Existence, we believe that no one is born into happiness.”

On the brand’s satirical website, Profit is described as a cult-like leader who is “a renowned spiritual guru, master of finance, and world-class conch blower”, and the author of 12 books that resides on a 20,000-acre compound.

So, if you’re a Jonah Hill fan looking to further ply the star’s already well-endowed pockets, or simply looking to take a stab at an insufferable yogi of your choice, keep an eye out for these brand new Meaningful Existence fits, which are rumoured to be dropping soon…