NBA Star Jordan Clarkson Proves Gender Based Fashion Is Out The Window

Clutch point.

NBA Star Jordan Clarkson Proves Gender Based Fashion Is Out The Window

Boys should wear blue, girls should wear pink. These are gender-based stereotypes as old as time itself. But those stereotypes are now being challenged, and rightly so; who is anyone to tell anyone else what to wear?

Besides Jeff Goldblum, we rest our case.

At least, that’s when it comes to clothes. The jury is still out as to whether guys should be seen with a handbag, an accessory unequivocally associated with women and now apparently the NBA. How? Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Jordan Clarkson just made his case for the manbag, sporting a red Chanel clutch on his way to the Cavs’ game against Miami Heat.


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We’re not going to be the ones to say men and handbags are like chalk and cheese, but when you consider the fact the only men’s products on the Chanel website are fragrances, some eyebrows are expected to be raised. Clarkson’s teammate Kevin Love opts for a more traditional pouch to carry his personal belongings, for example.

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His accessory of choice has certainly divided opinion, with some commenters saying: “Let my guy wear a purse. Luxury has no gender!”, while others claim “Bro, this is a joke lmao.”

The 27-year-old always strives to be at the height of fashion, regularly posting his latest wears on Instagram, and his outfit choice this time around is no different. Partnering his Chanel clutch is a Dior denim jacket, white tee, beach scene shorts and a pair of ultra-exclusive Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard sneakers – which you can get yourself for around AU$6,000.

Clarkson isn’t alone in blurring the lines between men’s and women’s fashion, however, as F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton was seen wearing a pair of women’s Gucci pants. The fashion giant now has lines of clothes designed to be worn by both men and women and has even put an end to separate fashion shows. While Lewis’ look was unassuming to the untrained eye, the same can’t be said of Jordan’s clutch.

While we appreciate guys who try to break down gender stereotypes, this is one we’re going to have to dwell on for a little while longer.

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