Justin Bieber's $50,000 Gold Rolex & Purple Outfit Is The Weirdest Look You'll See This Week

Purple making it rain.

$50,000 gold Rolex Daytona – check. Baby purple outfit – check. Maybe we’ll get this one straight off the bat. We have no idea what look Bieber is going for here.

The Canadian pop star was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles over the weekend in a oversized baby purple tee with graphic art print and matching sweatpants. Providing the contrast were white Off-White sneakers and a white Supreme Snapback cap. And the timepiece?

A striking gold Rolex Daytona set in 18K yellow gold with a champagne dial set with diamonds on the indexes which retails for a cool AU$48,800 – around $36,000 for you Yanks.

We can’t pick the label of Bieber’s luxe loungewear outfit but given his penchant for high-end brands, you can expect the purple ensemble to come of the same league. The result is a young man who looks like a walking billboard for an Instagram #OOTD hype post with plenty of likes (who else can flex Supreme, Off-White and Rolex in one casual outfit?). And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it just might not be to everyone’s taste.

Ah, husband/Jesus life. Tune in again for some more Bieber style gems. Or just have a terrifying look at what happens to Bieber’s wardrobe post-marriage.

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