Leather Suits Could Be The Most Frightening Menswear Trend

Avert your eyes.

Leather Suits Could Be The Most Frightening Menswear Trend

Runway fashion shows give us a good indication as to what we can expect to be wearing in the next year. But if Berluti’s recent winter 2020 collection is anything to go by, the future is bleak.

That’s because the French fashion house wants us all to be rocking leather suits. Yes, you read that right. Suits. Made of leather.

Leather jackets have been a menswear essential ever since they were popularised in the 1970s and 80s – think Indiana Jones, Grease’s Danny Zuko, and Top Gun’s Maverick. Equally, leather pants have always had a presence in menswear fashion, although not worn nearly as much. They’re seeing somewhat of a comeback, courtesy of people such as Ben Simmons and Chadwick Boseman.

The jury is most definitely still out here at D’Marge as to whether leather suits is a look we can see taking off or not. But if it does, it could well be one of the most frightening trends for the year ahead.

Berluti has been pushing leather suits for some time and has been the point of call for celebrities such as Zayn Malik when some leather tailoring is on the ‘to buy’ list. As separates, we can get on board with Berlutii’s vision. But blazer, pants and even a leather shirt thrown in for good measure, we have to start asking questions.

We could be on our own in having those thoughts, though, as a quick look at the comments on Berluti’s official Instagram post shows much support for the gimp leather suit. “I need!”, “Iconic already” and “Dope swag 100%” all feature.

If you too believe leather suits to be “dope”, then you can pick up the current season’s leather blazer for US$6,550, and a shirt for $4,100. If you want the pants, you’ll have to wait for next season’s wares to be released.

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