Lewis Hamilton Swaps Race Seat For Director’s Chair, Launches Own Production Company

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Lewis Hamilton Swaps Race Seat For Director’s Chair, Launches Own Production Company

Lewis Hamilton, arguably (and statistically) the greatest Formula 1 driver ever, has confirmed he is to set up his own film and TV production company, called Dawn Apollo Films and already has two projects in the pipeline.

Confirming the news to Deadline, Lewis Hamilton’s Dawn Apollo Films will produce the previously teased Formula 1 movie, starring Brad Pitt and made in collaboration with Apple. Hamilton has also confirmed his company is developing a feature documentary focusing on his own glittering career, both on and off the track.

Hamilton has said, perhaps unsurprisingly considering his stance on various movements to have taken place in recent years, that his goal with Dawn Apollo Films is to “make impactful stories and ultimately inspire people through movies and storytelling,” he told Deadline.

Hamilton hasn’t exactly hidden from the fact he wants to encourage and promote diversity, not just in sport but in all facets of global culture. He has famously taken the knee before Formula 1 races in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and he has spoken out against Saudi Arabia’s human rights record before its inaugural Grand Prix in 2021.

Lewis confirmed the Formula One movie, which is to be made in collaboration with, and to be available to stream on, Apple TV+, will star Brad Pitt and be directed by Top Gun: Maverick director, Joe Kosinski.

Lewis reminisced on the time he was contacted by Joe, who “moved heaven and earth,” to create a part for him in the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster movie, but he was ultimately unable to commit due to racing commitments.

So, does the move into creating his own production company mean Lewis is thinking about his future career for whenever he eventually retires from F1? Possibly, but we’re unlikely to see him in front of the camera.

He added, speaking to Deadline, “I can’t say it’s impossible, but at the moment I’m enjoying the lessons I’m learning in the background from Joe, the writing team and Brad.” He’s also learning the tricks of the managerial and leadership trade – no doubt he’s gained a wealth of experience from Toto Wolff – by searching for a “diverse team,” of staff.

But, like we said, nobody knows when Hamilton will retire from Formula 1. He certainly doesn’t plan on it being anytime soon, saying “My main focus and my core job is still motor racing. I’m 37. I’m very focused on my health: on my body, my mind and my spiritual wellbeing.”

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“I’m very conscious of other great athletes who spend their whole lives as I have, focused on their sport, and when they come to the end they might not necessarily have had the right people around them to help structure the course ahead for them.”

There’s still no confirmed release date for either project to come from Dawn Apollo Films, but Hamilton did say the documentary “will most likely be [released] at the end of 2023 or early 2024.”

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