What Are The Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Men?

Sometimes less is more...

What Are The Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Men?

While there may be plenty of style advice and grooming guides out there catering to all manner of hairstyles – such as long, short, faded or bleached – there will always be a place in modern society for the low maintenance man. Men who define themselves as low maintenance prefer the simpler things in life, getting by on a little as possible, and when it comes to their hairstyle, that means needing to give it as little attention as possible.

However, low maintenance doesn’t necessarily need to mean incredibly short nor does it need to mean bald. Long hairstyles can indeed be low maintenance if left to their own devices and you’re happy to just wake up and get on with your day without giving your hair a second thought.

If you’re someone who’s always been tempted by the low maintenance lifestyle but never actually gone through with it through fear of not knowing what it would mean for your hair, allow us to reveal the best hairstyles that can be left untouched (or have very minimal interference) and still look a million dollars.

Shaved To Perfection

Dwayne Johnson Hollywood Actor Bald French Beard The Rock

Starting with what is easily the most low maintenance hairstyle of all: bald. Some men are genetically destined to lose their hair while some others take the hair-raising decision to shave theirs off. It’s a look that can actually be rocked by most guys (although will naturally take a little bit of time to get used to) but it does have the requirement of having a well-shaped head.

Fittingly Buzzed

A buzzcut is an incredibly masculine hairstyle but one that requires very little effort in achieving. Buzzcut can often be an umbrella term to describe any short hairstyle created using a pair of clippers, but most usually relates to hairstyles that have incredibly short back and sides, with a bit of length on top.

A buzzcut hairstyle can be worn with no product at all or can be styled with a small amount of paste for a more polished, groomed look. Your brand-new buzz can be complemented by a short, neatly trimmed beard that eliminates the need for daily shaving and doubles your low maintenance power.

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Slick It Back

Call it a military throwback or a Macklemore copycat, either way, the undercut or traditional cut is an easy option for even the most inept man. Keep the hair short on the back and sides, and long on top, with no blending in between. Leave the top untouched, pull it back and add a little pomade for the slick effect. It will take 2 minutes and you’re out the door.

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Shaggy Like Sunday Morning

If you’re the teenage boyband type with a crush on Taylor Swift or a surfer dude who likes the saltwater effect, the shaggy hairstyle is the look for you. To obtain a ‘just got out of bed‘ look, you’ll want to grow your hair long and loose before having it cut in layers with a slightly unkempt feel. To style, simply apply some product – such as salt spray or a light-hold paste – to damp hair, work it through and make it look deliberately messy. Keep shaking throughout the day. It makes the fans swoon.

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Live Long (& Tie It Back)

Similar to the shaggy bedhead look, rocking long hair can actually be incredibly low maintenance. You not believe us, but simply letting your hair grow to its longest and most luscious is a simple thing to do, and you barely have to give it any thought when you wake up each morning. You’ll want to trim the ends every now and then and a proper wash with shampoo every once in a while wouldn’t go amiss either, but generally speaking, long hair can be one the best hairstyle decisions any man can make. It will also allow you to sport a hipster-approved man bun, which when combined with a dash of facial hair, could make you the talk of the town.