Luka Sabbat Goes ‘Full Degrassi’ With Double Denim Drip

A 'Canadian tuxedo' indeed.

Luka Sabbat Goes ‘Full Degrassi’ With Double Denim Drip

One of the most frustrating things about The Bat Kiss is how it’s prevented us from travelling.

While some countries haven’t been particularly fussy about their international or domestic borders (we’re looking at you, America), here in Australia we’ve been pretty locked down. International travel is still banned, and it’s only been within the last few weeks that the borders between east coast states like New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria have been opened back up.

We’re all going a little bit stir-crazy – including ‘Gen Z it-boy’ Luka Sabbat, who took to Instagram to reminisce simpler, pre-COVID times.

The actor and model shared a photo of himself goofing off at the famous 5-star Hôtel Costes in Paris’ 1st arrondissement, wearing a characteristically quirky outfit: full double denim, white t-shirt and long white socks with brown leather loafers. On anyone else, it might look a little dorky (particularly the combination of white socks with loafers like that – a big style no-no), but Sabbat pulls it off with flair, giving off huge 80s Degrassi Junior High vibes.


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Degrassi Junior High was a Canadian television series which aired from 1987 to 1989 that revolved around the lives of a group of students living in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Unlike its American contemporaries Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210 – both of which used actors who were in their twenties to play teenagers – Degrassi used people who were the same age they were playing and had a much tighter budget.

This was actually the key to its success, as it was considered far more relatable than the competition. Cast members also often did their own makeup and wardrobe, meaning the fashion on the show was a much more realistic representation of what was actually popular at the time – naturally, double denim abounded. There’s a reason it’s called the ‘Canadian tuxedo’.

Degrassi was rebooted in 2001 as Degrassi: The Next Generation, which famously kickstarted the career of actor-turned international hip-hop icon Drake. Luka Sabbat and Drake share a connection, too: the two superstars are friends, Sabbat notably having starred in the music video for Drake and French Montana’s 2018 single No Stylist. Talk about six degrees of separation…

It’s not just Sabbat who’s been rocking the double denim lately, either. Conor McGregor and Lewis Hamilton have also been spotted recently choosing the double denim life. Maybe it’s time you give it a go, too: read our guide on how to nail double denim like a champ.

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