The ‘Neck Pillow’ Travel Hack Everyone Should Know

Seriously savvy.

The ‘Neck Pillow’ Travel Hack Everyone Should Know

A digital creator, who splits her time between France and America, has run rampant over TikTok with a viral ‘travel hack’ video. The hack will save your bacon when your hand luggage is too heavy, or when you forget your neck pillow.

Have you ever got through airport security, only to think: “Damnit, I’ve forgotten my neck pillow,”? Have you then spent yet another $12 on a neck pillow will probably lose as soon as you arrive at your destination, not only adding unnecessarily to landfill but also punishing your wallet?

Or have you ever got through security, thinking you’re in the clear, only to be scalped with an excess baggage fee upon boarding as the flight attendants realise you are carrying 0.01 grams of hand luggage beyond the limit? If you answered yes to either of those questions then we have the perfect travel hack for you.

Introducing: Kristen Black. Kristen is a digital creator who divides her time between Paris and Atlanta. She took to TikTok recently to remind followers of a travel hack video that hit 9 million views when she first posted it.

In the video, Kristen shows viewers how to make a makeshift neck pillow out of your clothes. In the clip, she wraps her jumper around other clothes, fastening it so they don’t fall out, and then tying it around her neck. The caption reads as follows: “When you don’t have a neck pillow but you’re tryna sleep on your €9.99 middle seat flight.”

Many commenters were impressed, with one tagging their friend and saying: “I should have seen this before I went to Malta.” Others questioned the hygiene of wearing a sweater after folding it on the airport floor.

This isn’t the first time social media users have showed each other how to skirt airline baggage rules or have a better flight experience. Who could forget this genius pillow hack that lets you sneak a little extra luggage on a flight, or this flight attendant who shared how to make yourself the cabin crew’s favourite passenger (and get special treatment in the process).