Patricks Launches Men’s Grooming Range Fit For Bruce Wayne

The man behind the mask...

Patricks Launches Men’s Grooming Range Fit For Bruce Wayne

Patricks, the premium men’s grooming brand founded by Sydney local Patrick Kidd, has just dropped 3 new products fit for debonair Bruce Wayne himself.

The PATRICKS x Wayne Enterprises collaboration comes as part of a new push from Warner Bros. (the parent company of Batman publisher, DC Comics) to offer a whole slew of products “tailored to the Bruce Waynes of the world,” which has been developed in partnership with Uncrate.

While the new Wayne Enterprises collection includes everything from sunglasses to boots and even supplements – with prices across the collection ranging from US$55 – $4,800) it’s the PATRICKS grooming products for men that have caught our attention. Yep, even if you don’t quite have the trust fund of Mr Wayne, you can at least now feel and look like you do, with a skincare routine fit for the Caped Crusader’s alter ego.

And, just in case you were unaware, PATRICKS was founded by Bondi-local Patrick Kidd – who recently spoke at DMARGE House – in 2015, following a conversation he had with the professor of neurosurgery at Ohio State University, whilst naked, in a sauna.

Christian Bale as arguably the most dapper Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight trilogy. Image: IndieWire

The collection is made up of 3 current PATRICKS products, all of which have received a dark and Gotham-worthy all-black makeover, complete with the Wayne Enterprises logo. The lineup includes the WE1 high-performance natural deodorant, WE2 anti-fatigue moisturiser and the WE3 triple-technology eye serum.

Remember, guys, you’re not aiming to mimic Batman with this collection, but the man behind the mask. As Robert Oberschelp, Warner Bros. Consumer Products Senior VP of Global Franchise Management & Global Brand Product has said, “Instead of leaning into the franchise of Batman, it’s ultimately about who is Bruce Wayne, and what does he look like? It’s not [about] one actor or a single brand.”

“This is something that Bruce Wayne would have, and this label is just the very beginning.”

The PATRICKS x Wayne Enterprises men’s skincare collection is available now directly from the PATRICKS website.

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