Pharrell Williams Shows You How To Wear A $1,000,000 Watch With Leopard Print

Weird watch flex but ok...

Pharrell Williams Shows You How To Wear A $1,000,000 Watch With Leopard Print

The man. The myth. The maestro. Pharrell Williams may be 46 years young but his music career and healthy penchant for exclusive watches certainly aren’t slowing down.

At the Something In The Water festival in Virginia this week the renowned artist and designer stepped out on stage with a look only Pharrell Williams could pull off.

The artist paired a white denim shirt in leopard print with denim and cat eye sunglasses – you know, the type your grandmother rocked in the 60s. On his wrist though was something even more prominent. It was Richard Mille’s US$983,000 RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Watch which is limited to just 20 pieces worldwide. And Pharrell is one of those twenty souls who owns one – along with Sylvester Stallone.

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“It’s not a tumor!”

The watch was created as a tribute to Stallone’s enduring career as Hollywood’s go-to tough guy. Whilst it may look outlandish the RM 25-01 is purely tactical in its delivery. It employs a lightweight tourbillon movement with titanium components for precise timekeeping without sacrificing wearability. A unique bezel option for the watch sees a Grade 5 titanium lid with a mirrored internal face for easy compass legibility.

But the real kicker? The watch features five water purification capsules concealed in a Carbon TPT compartment for emergencies. Each capsule will create a litre of safe drinking water within a time frame of 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the fluid’s natural pollutants. A natural rubber strap in obligatory camouflage is included with the piece.

The maestro at work.

Not a bad explorer’s watch that took four years to create. And Pharrell rocked it with granny sunnies and leopard print. What a madman.

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