Rob Lowe Leather Pants: Actor Spotted Wearing The Next Big Thing In Menswear

Taking inspiration from Jeff Goldblum.

Rob Lowe Leather Pants: Actor Spotted Wearing The Next Big Thing In Menswear

When it comes to spotting emerging menswear trends, we’re most likely going to turn our heads toward the younger generation in the fashion sphere. Think Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Luka Sabbat. You probably wouldn’t expect ex-teen heartthrob and still-babyfaced Rob Lowe to feature on that list, but the St. Elmo’s Fire star has recently proven that age really is just a number and that the old-timers can still kick it with the youngsters.

Spotted attending the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2020 show alongside Demi Moore and son, John Owen Lowe, Lowe senior rocked a pair of rather figure-hugging leather pants, along with an all-black ensemble of t-shirt, jacket, and Chelsea boots. Whilst Rob will be wearing a pair from Tom Ford’s own catalogue, we haven’t been able to find them online. But if you want to jump onboard the leather pant trend right now, you can grab yourself these similar pairs from Amiri or Acne Studios. 

Australian NBA star Ben Simmons was seen wearing a pair of leather pants himself at the end of 2019, and it’s highly likely Jeff Goldblum is wearing a pair as we type this, and so now Rob has come out donning a pair, they’re cemented as the next big thing in menswear and a fashion staple you should seriously consider investing in.

The move has also made us add the Brat Pack alumn to our list of celebrities to take more notice of in the future, not just because even at 55 he’s still more stylish than most guys half his age, but because he’s made a few high-class Rolex flexes in the past, including rocking a solid gold Rolex GMT Master II during an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, and another GMT Master II, this time the ‘Batman’ edition, whilst attending his father’s birthday dinner in Hollywood.