Best Ryan Gosling Haircuts In 2023

You can't handle the big move.

Ryan Gosling Haircut

Charming, reserved, funny and mysterious. Who doesn’t want to be Ryan Gosling? Whilst we don’t suggest you kidnap the Hollywood actor and do a face graft Face/Off  style, we do recommend you take a page out of his style book by replicating his most iconic hairstyles and haircuts.

Forget about his scraggy past which peaked at The Notebook – we’re talking about the prime of Gosling from Drive to Crazy Stupid Love to Gangster Squad to Blade Runner 2049. The dominating look here is Gosling’s preppy side part which is usually accompanied with stubble for that extra masculine look.

The style of course varies from Gosling’s shorter looks to his more natural flowing side part. Whichever Ryan Gosling haircut you choose, you’re guaranteed to find the right era of Gosling for you. And if not…

Ryan Gosling Hairstyles FAQ

How to style a comb over?

Work some hair product into the hair on top and comb over with your fingers for a modern twist. A comb over does not have to as slick as it suggests.

Can I pull off a buzz cut?

A buzz cut best suits men with a lean face, strong jaw and good cheekbone. If your forehead is a bit wide or you do not want attention on your jaw, this haircut is not for you.

What is a long crew cut?

A crew cut can be short or long. While a traditional crew cut is usually no longer than an inch on top, a long crew cut can reach up to two inches or more.

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