Salt Bae Has Legs Like Tree Trunks. Here’s How To Get Them

No chicken legs here.

Salt Bae Has Legs Like Tree Trunks. Here’s How To Get Them

Image Credit: @nusr_et

Salt Bae has blown our minds on more occasions than we care to count. From making the most underrated cut of beef a succulent affair to revealing spartan diet techniques for shredding, he certainly marches to the beat of his own drum.

And that’s not to mention his fabulous Mykonos workouts, where he throws around heavy chunks of stone like they were feathers (and his brain-busting body fat percentage).

Suffice to say, for many people, Nusret Gökçe has become more than just a Turkish chef/restauranteur, and even more than a salt sprinkling meme. He’s a veritable source of fitness inspiration.

Enter: the following workout, which he posted to his Instagram Story earlier this year. In it, Salt Bae shows he doesn’t just keep his arms looking beefy, but actively trains his legs too.

Watch Salt Bae’s leg day workout in the video below…

Salt Bae can be seen warming up with sit ups, before squatting with two 50kg dumbbells and then squatting with a heavily loaded bar bell.

He then went on to slice a bunch of meat in his Abu Dhabi restaurant, and then ended the day with a leg massage.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of squats (and how to do them correctly) check out this article on pressure breathing.

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