Celebrity Butcher 'Salt Bae' Proves You Can Still Smoke On A Flight… If You Can Afford It

Smoking on a flight, these days, is unthinkable. Unless it's a certain kind of jet...

Celebrity Butcher 'Salt Bae' Proves You Can Still Smoke On A Flight… If You Can Afford It

Image Credit: @nusr_et

Flying first class (and then whinging about it). Joining millionaire dating apps like Luxy (and then getting your heart broken anyway). Renting lavish hotel rooms with the sole purpose of trashing them (and still being invited back by management). Carving your name so that it can be seen from outer space. There are some things you can only do if you are rich.

Just in case there weren’t already enough hectic habits only rich people can get away with… here’s another one: smoking at 40,000ft.

Enter: Salt Bae. The internet’s sexiest butcher, a salt sprinkling meme, and a successful restauranteur, Salt Bae can often be seen flitting around the globe, keeping a watchful hand on all his grills (and blowing our minds with workouts in his downtime).

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This week was no different, with The Meat Man flying from Dubai to London on what appeared to be Jetex. Jetex is a private jet service, which, according to its estimated pricing list, charges customers $75,000 (or more) to charter a jet for up to 10 passengers from Dubai to London (one way).

During the flight, Salt Bae could be seen having a healthy (well, maybe not healthy, but you get the picture) puff of a cigar, whilst completing his business activities.

Watch Salt Bae enjoy a cigar at 40,000ft in the video below

Smoking on a flight, these days, unless it’s a private jet, is pretty well unthinkable (as one unfortunate passenger in the US recently discovered). Back in the so-called golden era of flying, though, it was simply par for the course.

Member of a LAN Airways flight crew take a cigarette break during a flight, 1960s. (Photo by WIN-Initiative/Getty Images)

It’s not just smoking Salt Bae has been up to lately. He’s also recently been spotted making the most underrated cut of meat a succulent affair, showing off how he maintains his impressive pins and revealing his ‘spartan’ secrets to shredding.

Going back to his penchant for cigars, however, the only problem would be if he tried to light up on a Ryanair or Spirit Airlines flight. But somehow we don’t think he’ll be doing that any time soon…

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