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12 Best Surfboard Shops In Sydney

Carve some gnarly lines in the waves with the help of the best surf shops in Sydney.

12 Best Surfboard Shops In Sydney

Looking for a surfboard shop to pick up a brand new surfboard? You’ve come to the right place.

With Sydney being home to some of the best wave breaks on the planet, it’s no wonder there are numerous surfboard shops slinging the latest surfboards, wetsuits and surf clothing, all designed to help you improve on the waves.

It’s not just the locals that need the latest surfboards and clothing, but amateurs and backpackers who want to try learning need to call upon these shops to get the right gear for their skill level. Not only do surfboard shops stock all the latest gear, but the staff that work in them are experts in their field, so can give you tips and tricks to try on the waves.

If you’re already a competent surfer, you may be on the hunt for a new Mecca to become loyal to, either because it stocks a particular brand you like or the owner is just a decent human being. So here are the surf shops in Sydney you need to be visiting to pick up your surfboards, wetsuits, leashes and every other piece of kit you could need.

Keel Surf & Supply

7c Lawrence Street, Freshwater, 2096

Located in Freshwater in Northern Sydney, Keel Surf & Supply never intended to become the destination it is today. Instead, the founding duo set up a pop-up store that continually proved to be successful and six and a half years later they’re the go-to store for a range of surfboards, accessories and clothing.

Keel stocks its own brand of clothing, which comfortably competes with the global brands in terms of both style and quality, while boards come from a solid range of suppliers including McTavish, Vouch and Panda to name a few.

The owners behind the store know surfing inside out, so are more than happy to answer any questions and give advice as to what boards are right for you, no matter your skill level.

Onboard Store

4/76 Darley Street, Mona Vale, 2103

Situated north of Sydney in Mona Vale, Onboard Store – part of Onboard Industries, a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer in one – is a one-stop surf shop for all your surfing needs. Founded by Mel Hayhoe and Drew Down in 1989, Onboard Industries can build you a custom-made surfboard using proven hardware from the likes of Channel Islands, Tokoro and Simon Anderson.

If you’re after a softboard then you’re in luck, as Onboard stocks Catch Surf models, and with other brands such as Buell, Vans and its own Onboard range of apparel, this Mona Vale mecca has everything you need.


5-7 Tengah Crescent, Mona Vale, 2103

Mona Vale really is a place to go when it comes to surfing hardware, as the Haydenshapes surf store proves. Founded by Hayden Cox in 1997 at the spritely young age of 15, Haydenshapes is a surfboard manufacturer dedicated to building “premium performance designs that are fun to surf.”

The company’s boards are recognisable by their black and white aesthetic, owing to a carbon fibre rail – which also makes them look insanely cool in the process. The store itself is a monochromatic shrine to the art of surfing, that is worth the trip just for the architectural-inspired design alone.

The Surfboard Warehouse

535 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, 2100

With three stores in Sydney and four overall in New South Wales (the Surfboard Warehouse store in Tweed Heads is the largest in Australia) you’re never going to be too far from having access to one of the largest ranges of surfboards and surf gear in the country.

No matter what type of board you’re after, be it a shortboard, soft board or even a stand-up paddleboard, The Surfboard Warehouse will stock it. Not only does The Surfboard Warehouse stock a wide range of brands under their store roofs, but they also have 2 x World Champion Australian surfer Beau Young on hand to design a range of exclusive boards.

Aloha Surf Manly

44 Pittwater Road, Manly, 2095

Aloha Surf in Manly hit its 30th birthday in 2021, having been founded by a team of guys in 1991, which included Damien Hardman, the winner of the ASP World Tour the same year and Greg Clough, a master board shaper. Aloha has remained well-managed to serve the residents of Manly and beyond with all their surfing needs, despite being no longer owned by the same guys. But, current owner Timmy was the manager since 1992, so he’s pretty much part of the furniture.

Regardless of ownership, the Aloha Surf shop continues to provide a well-stocked range of surfboards and associated gear to wave-riders from beginner level all the way through to pro. The store has a very welcoming vibe, including to the likes of backpackers – it’s named by Lonely Planet as a must-visit destination store – and aims to put its quality of customer service above all else. It’s even a go-to store for the senior surfer on the DMARGE team.

Long Reef Surf

1012 Pittwater Road, Collaroy, 2097

For all things wetsuit related, look no further than Long Reef Surf in Collaroy. This shop was founded in 1985 and continues to be run by owner Peter Ford. He has since amassed a team with a wealth of knowledge that is committed to helping customers of all ages and experience levels find the gear they need, which is especially true of wetsuits.

A vast range of bodyboards and softboards is also stocked, along with other surf-related hardware.

WSS Boards

6/410 Pittwater Road, North Manly, 2100

Windsurfers, kiteboarders and SUP-riders rejoice, WSS Boards is here for you. This store came about after WindsurfnSnow and Balmoral Paddlesurf teamed up to create one megastore in Sydney to cover the vast majority of watersports.

That means the range of gear on offer is nothing short of extensive, and with two sets of knowledgeable and experienced staff just waiting to look after you, you can be sure you’ll only leave with what you need and nothing you don’t. The team are happy to demo surfboards with you too, so you don’t make buying decisions based on ‘on-paper’ information alone.

Surfection Mosman

522 Military Road, Mosman, 2088

It’s all about the customer at this Mosman-based store. Serving the Sydney community since 1985, Surfection consistently aims to make sure it stocks the very latest surfboards and surf-related hardware, and won’t try and sell you something you don’t need. If you head in with a particular surfboard in mind, or you at least tell the guys what you want the board to do, they’ll happily show you their warehouse which is bursting with various models.

Pick up some extra info while you’re there too, such as the best waves and beaches nearby to try out your new purchase and you’ll soon become friends for life.

186 Bondi Road, Bondi, 2026

Moving down the coast a little we reach Bondi, which is home to Surf Culture. This shop has recently upped sticks from its Bondi Junction location to move closer to the action in Bondi Beach, yet it continues to offer amazing customer service to help you walk away with exactly what you walk in for.

The range of surfboards, wetsuits, accessories and apparel is extensive too, so you’re not going to be left short of options. It’s therefore not just a surf store for seasoned pros, but newcomers looking to make their first waves in the sport.

The Bodysurfing Shop

2/386 Bronte Road, Bronte, 2024

Yes, you read that right. Surfing isn’t confined to the use of a buoyant device upon which you dart through barrels and carve up a fat one, but it can be carried out using the natural buoyancy provided to you by biology. Bodysurfing has actually been around for many years, with some believing it to pre-date board-surfing, originating in 2000 B.C. The earliest recordings of the sport, however, date back to 1899.

The Bodysurfing Shop in Bronte is dedicated to the very art, stocking everything you need to get out into the waves and start barreling some tubes of your own. All you really need is a handplane and a set of fins and you’re good to go, and The Bodysurfing Shop stocks some of the best brands around.

Triple Bull

23 Kingsway, Cronulla, 2230

Take yourself away from tourist-central Bondi and head further down the coast to Cronulla, where you will stumble upon Triple Bull. This local gem has been serving the needs of local residents for more than 30 years and is staffed by people who hit up some of the biggest waves around themselves. This gives them the knowledge to pass on to you, the customer, with regards to what surfboards and gear you need for your particular style and experience level.

Wannabe surfers are welcome too, with a huge range of surf-branded apparel, and with a constantly rotating stock of pre-owned surfboards, you can even find yourself a bargain.

PCC Surfboards

34 Kareena Road, Miranda, 2228

For a truly custom board shaped just for you, you’ll do well to check out PCC Surfboards. Owned by Stuart Paterson, who has been shaping for some 35 years and has been living and working in and around the Cronulla area for the majority of his life. PCC will listen to exactly what you want and build you a surfboard to fulfil those needs, as they can either shape a surfboard from a pre-made design or can build you one entirely from scratch.

From there you can define the colour, fin setup, literage, and every other minute detail that will make your board the envy of every other surfer you come across. PCC Surfboards isn’t, therefore, a surf shop in the most traditional sense, but there is a constant selection of boards available to browse through, should you want a pre-owned or ready-made design to take out into the waves.