TAG Heuer Connected Porsche Edition Is A Revhead’s Ideal Smartwatch

A smart watch for smart drivers.

TAG Heuer Connected Porsche Edition Is A Revhead’s Ideal Smartwatch

TAG Heuer’s new Connected Calibre E4 is already one hell of a smartwatch – but its latest, Porsche-inspired rendition makes it the perfect timepiece for performance car lovers.

TAG Heuer has always been intimately connected with motorsports. Indeed, many of the 162-year-old watchmaker’s most ground-breaking innovations arose to answer the needs of drivers, such as the world’s first dashboard chronograph in 1911 or the first rotating tachymeter bezel in 1967.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Porsche Edition (ref. SBR8A82.EB0264) follows in this tradition, by adding an innovative suite of car-related features to a smartwatch that’s already jam-packed with enormous functionality.

Not only does the Porsche Edition feature a slick frozen blue colour scheme and circuit-board-like dial design – inspired by Porsche’s high-tech Taycan electric car – but if you own a Porsche, you can connect your watch to your car and see information about your whip displayed as ‘complications’ on the watch face.

A 45mm black DLC sandblasted titanium case, Porsche tachymeter bezel and unique hybrid strap complete the watch’s look.

You can see how range your car has left (whether that’s fuel in the tank, charge in the battery or both if you drive a hybrid), display your car’s mileage or can connect to the My Porsche app to quickly control vehicle heating and air conditioning – all from your watch.

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This is all on top of the Connected Calibre E4’s pre-existing range of apps and features, such as its guided workout capability; sports apps including running cycling, swimming and golf; an accelerometer, heart rate monitor, compass, GPS and altimeter, as well as the ability to show off your NFT collection or take phone calls.

Whether you own a Porsche or not, the Connected Porsche Edition is an exceptionally stylish and capable smartwatch that’s bound to get your heart racing. Check it out at TAG Heuer’s online boutique here.

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