‘Blood Volume Training’: The Rock Shares Scary Technique For Massive Gains

Could this be the 'intimidating' secret to The Rock's massive biceps?

‘Blood Volume Training’: The Rock Shares Scary Technique For Massive Gains

We’d all like biceps like Kilimanjaro, a chest that would make a pirate weak at the knees and legs for days. The reality is though, unless you make a living from being built (think: actors, influencers, athletes), it’s unlikely you have much more than an hour a day to dedicate to training.

That’s why it’s all the more important to eek the most out of every second.

Enter: The Rock. The 49-year-old former professional wrestler (now Hollywood action movie actor) just jumped up on Instagram to share one of the ways he trains his biceps.

Though his caption involves some scary buzzwords like “blood volume,” the concept is actually quite simple (Bodybuilding.com describes it as “any training method that works to increase the delivery of blood to the muscle”). Like doing one and a half reps, as The Rock can be seen doing below.

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The rock captioned the post, in which he can be seen doing dual 30kg bicep curls, as follows: “We got a great (and intense) one in to close out the week.”

“Finishing exercise of high 1.5 iso reps, blood volume pushed with fun pain.”

“I love when things get uncomfortable, it forces me to disrupt to hold everyone and everything (especially myself) accountable to step the f*** up and get the job done.”

“It’s what we do.”

“Make things uncomfortable, see who rises to the occasion.”

“That’s when you know.”

Bodybuilding.com claims, “incorporating techniques such as 2-4 second peak contractions and 10-second static contractions worked into your routine can help to prevent blood flow and allow metabolites to build up.”

“Once the ‘temporary blockage’ is removed, a large surge of blood is triggered to the area to remove the metabolites. This method of temporarily disrupting normal blood flow can work to create a powerful rush of anabolic-rich blood to the targeted area.”

Though the Rock did not provide details on how his blood volume training works, whatever he’s doing appears to be working. Just look at the guy!

Watch some of The Rock’s toughest workouts below

One word of warning – you should always work with a professional if possible when setting out your training sessions and goals, in order to improve one step at a time, lest you risk a hectic bicep injury –something German bodybuilder Jo Lindner recently found out the hard way (by allegedly lifting a fridge in a compromised position).

The bar’s in your court.