How To Travel The World For Free

Play your cards right...

How To Travel The World For Free

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Unless you’re very photogenic (or creative), making a living by posting photos of your legs in glass-bottom bathtubs around the world is not a viable career path. But that’s ok – there is, apparently, another way to explore this big ol’ marble on the cheap (perhaps, even, if you squint at it from the right angle, for free).

Like all rewards, you need to take a little risk to make it happen. But we’ll let you be the judge of whether it’s a smart choice for you or not. Watch the below video if your interest has been piqued, and see if it could really help you travel the world for free. The video was posted recently to Instagram by Zachary Abel (@zacharyburrabel), who is an American actor (from Make It or Break It), as well as a travel blogger and credit card points hacker.

How to use your rent money to build travel reward points

In the video, Abel asks: “Do you rent?”. He then adds: “Do you wish you could pay with a credit card and earn those fatty fat points?”

“Then say hello to my little friend.”

“It’s called Bilt rewards,” he continues. “Bilt is dope because it allows you to pay rent with a credit card, no fee and earn points. One point per dollar on your rent, 2 points on travel and three on dining, all with no annual fee.”

There is one caveat; you have to use your card 5 times a month. If you do that though, the world is (eventually, and briefly) your oyster. 

“What can I use the points for? You can use it to offset your rent,” Abel says. 

“For the first time ever [you can] use points on a future downpayment for a mortgage. But why I think it’s super cool is Bilt has a dope list of 1×1 transfer partners like American Airlines, Hyatt; Emirates, which I’ve used to fly in first-class suites.”

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Now, of course, Abel appears to have a vested interest in spruiking Bilt. So take what he says with a grain of salt. But the principle of playing your (credit) cards right is a growing trend enabling savvy consumers (who live spend-heavy lifestyles) to score cheap or even free travel around the globe. 

The Points Guy Effect, if you will. 

This doesn’t mean you have to use Bilt. Have a look around and see which program might work for you, your spending habits and your travel goals. It’s time-consuming to figure out, yes, but who knows – maybe the world could really be your oyster. 

Adventure awaits.